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RACHMANINOV, S.: Vespers, Op. 37 (Leipzig Radio Chorus, Arman)

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Track Details

All-night Vigil, Op. 37, "Vespers"- 01:14:36
1 Reading: Glory be to the holy, consubstantial, life-giving, undivided Trinity… 00:00:30
2 Beginning song: Come let us worship 00:02:57
3 Reading: For Thou art a good God and lovest mankind… 00:00:24
4 Psalm 103 (104), "O praise the Lord" 00:05:30
5 Blessed is the man 00:06:15
6 Reading: Lord, to Thee I call, hearken unto me… 00:00:55
7 O Joyful Light 00:03:31
8 Song of Simeon: Lord, now let your servant depart 00:03:54
9 Hail, O Virgin Mother (Ave Maria) 00:03:19
10 Reading: Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost… 00:01:47
11 Hexapsalms: Glory to God on high 00:03:33
12 Psalm 134-135 (135-136), "O praise the name of the Lord" 00:02:56
13 Glorifying song of the Resurrection: Teach me O lord in the way of truth 00:07:40
14 Hymn of Resurrection: We have seen the resurrection 00:03:24
15 Magnificat: My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord 00:09:45
16 Reading: O Praise the Lord in that best place… 00:00:16
17 Great Doxology: Glory be to God on high 00:08:12
18 Reading: He that has God his guardian made… 00:01:40
19 Resurrection hymn (Troparion): This day of salvation has com to the world 00:02:28
20 Resurrection hymn (Troparion): When you had risen 00:03:57
21 Thanksgiving hymn of Virgin Mary: O victorious leader 00:01:43