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Track Details

1 This Land is Your Land (arr. P. Faith)- 00:02:45
2 The Stars and Stripes Forever- 00:03:38
3 America The Beautiful (arr. C. Dragon)- 00:03:50
4 American Salute (arr. P. Lang)- 00:04:14
Lazarus, Emma - lyricist(s)
5 Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor (arr. R. Ringwald and G. Saute)- 00:02:46
Werle, Floyd
Anonymous - lyricist(s)
6 Armed Forces Medley- 00:03:24
Jacobs, Al
Raye, Don - lyricist(s)
7 This Is My Country (arr. R. Walters and F. Werle)- 00:03:27
8 A Cohan Medley (arr. F. Werle)- 00:03:44
9 Revolutionary Etude (arr. R.R. Bennett)- 00:05:11
10 Northern Lights- 00:08:07
11 The battle hymn of the republic (arr. F. Werle and M. Davis)- 00:04:36
12 The Air Force Medley (arr. F. Werle)- 00:02:27
13 The Star Spangled Banner- 00:01:15