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Track Details

1 Heroic Fanfare- 00:01:12
2 Saving Private Ryan: Hymn to the Fallen (arr. P. Lavendar)- 00:06:51
3 A Hero for Today (arr. D. Clydesdale)- 00:03:36
4 The Battle Hymn of the Republic (arr. J. Hosay)- 00:06:41
5 America The Beautiful (arr. D. Edelbrock)- 00:01:37
6 God Bless the USA (arr. M. Taylor)- 00:03:10
7 Here's To America- 00:02:57
8 The Last Full Measure of Devotion (arr. I. Frazier and M. Davis)- 00:04:16
9 We Were There (arr. M. Taylor)- 00:02:08
10 Duty, Honor, Country- 00:04:30
Jacobs, Al
Raye, Don - lyricist(s)
11 This Is My Country (arr. J. Kessler)- 00:02:41
12 Ragged Old Flag (background music - Shenandoah) (arr. M. Brown and F. Ticheli)- 00:04:27
13 The Flag Still Flies High- 00:02:48
14 God bless America- 00:02:43
15 Semper Paratus - The Air Force Song - Anchors Aweigh - The Marines Hymn - The Army Goes Rolling Along- 00:03:47
16 The Stars and Stripes Forever- 00:03:33