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Track Details

1 Radio Theme - The Army Air Corps (arr. W. Beittel)- 00:00:55
2 Show Boat: Ol' Man River (arr. G. Jones)- 00:02:28
Traditional - lyricist(s)
3 Skip to My Lou (arr. I. Genuchi)- 00:00:11
4 The Lord's Prayer (arr. I. Genuchi)- 00:03:02
5 Core 'ngrato (arr. F. Werle)- 00:03:37
6 Toast to the Host (arr. F. Werle)- 00:01:16
7 Squadron Song (arr. F. Werle)- 00:01:26
8 The Music Man: Seventy-Six Trombones (arr. F. Werle)- 00:03:41
9 The U.S. Air Force Blue (arr. F. Werle)- 00:01:28
10 Sin Tu Amor (arr. F. Werle)- 00:03:36
Jacobs, Al
Raye, Don - lyricist(s)
11 This Is My Country (arr. R. Walters and F. Werle)- 00:03:09
Webb, Jimmy
Webb, Jimmy - lyricist(s)
12 Galveston (arr. G. Sauter)- 00:02:19
Orff, Carl
Anonymous - lyricist(s)
13 Carmina Burana: III. Cour d'amours: Si puer cum puellula - Ego sum abbas- 00:02:09
14 Lord Guard and Guide, "The Air Force Hymn" (arr. F. Werle)- 00:01:49
15 The Air Force Medley (arr. F. Werle)- 00:02:27
16 Fiddler on the Roof: If I Were a Rich Man (arr. M. Davis)- 00:04:19
17 This Land is Your Land (arr. P. Faith and M. Davis)- 00:02:46
18 When The Sun Comes Out (arr. M. Crotty)- 00:02:51
19 Chichester Psalms: I. Psalm 108:2: Urah, hanevel, v'chinor! (Awake, psaltery and harp) - Psalm 100: Hariu l'Adonai kol haarets (Make a joyful noise unto …)- 00:03:17
20 The battle hymn of the republic (arr. F. Werle)- 00:04:38
21 The Settling Years: Comin' to Town- 00:02:38
22 3 Celtic Prayer: No. 1. Morning Prayer- 00:03:03
23 Americana: No. 3. God's Bottles- 00:01:49
24 America The Beautiful (arr. M. Davis and L. MacTaggert)- 00:02:21
25 The Higher We Fly (arr. D. Nokes)- 00:03:49
26 Bless 'Em All, "The Long And The Short And The Tall" (arr. P. Kelly)- 00:02:45
27 God bless America (arr. M. Davis)- 00:02:06