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SULLIVAN, A.: Rose of Persia (The) / Opera and Concert Overtures

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Track Details

Disc 1

The Rose of Persia- 01:37:42
1 Act I: Overture 00:03:11
2 Act I: As we lie in langour lazy (Chorus of Girls, Hassan) 00:03:18
3 Act I: When Islam first arose (Abdallah, Chorus of Girls) 00:03:33
4 Act I: O life has put into my hand (Dancing Sunbeam) 00:02:40
5 Act I: Sunbeam! The Priest keeps saying (Blush-of-Morning, Dancing Sunbeam, Abdallah) 00:02:20
6 Act I: If you ask me to advise you (Heart's desire, Scent-of-Lilies, Rose-in-Bloom) 00:03:12
7 Act I: 'Neath my lattice (Rose-in-Bloom) 00:03:30
8 Act I: Tramps and scamps (Chorus, Hassan) 00:02:27
9 Act I: When my father sent me (Hassan, Chorus) 00:02:21
10 Act I: Peace be upon this house (Yussuf, Hassan, Chorus) 00:03:02
11 Act I: Musical maidens are we (Rose-in-Bloom, Scent-of-Lilies, Heart's Desire, Honey-of-Life, Hassan, Chorus) 00:05:29
12 Act I: Peace upon this house (Abdallah, Chorus, Hassan) 00:02:49
13 Act I: The Sultan's Executioner (Dancing Sunbeam, Hassan, Abdallah, Rose-in-Bloom, Heart's Desire, Scent-of-Lilies, Honey-of-Life, Yussuf) 00:02:12
14 Act I: I'm the Sultan's Vigilant vizier (Vizier, Physician, Executioner, Sultan) 00:02:04
15 Act I: O luckless hour! (Chorus, Dancing Sunbeam, Sultan, Blush-of-Morning, Vizier, Physician, Hassan, etc.) 00:16:26
16 Act II: Oh, what is love? (Heart's Desire, Yussuf) 00:02:34
17 Act II: If you or I should tell the truth (Scent-of-Lilies, Honey-of-Life, Heart's Desire, Yussuf) 00:02:44
18 Act II: From Morning Pray'r (Chorus, Vizier, Physician, Executioner) 00:02:44

Disc 2

The Rose of Persia- 01:37:42
1 Act II: Let a satirist enumerate a catalogue of crimes (Sultan, Chorus) 00:02:47
2 Act II: In the heart of my hearts I've always known (Dancing Sunbeam, Blush-of-Morning, Honey-of-Life, Song-of-Nightingale, Sultan …) 00:03:25
3 Act II: Suppose - I say, suppose (Rose-in-Bloom, Sultan) 00:03:16
4 Act II: Laughing low, on toe-tip (Chorus, Hassan, Vizier, Physician, Executioner) 00:03:37
5 Act II: It's a busy day for thee (Scent-of-Lilies, Executioner, Chorus, Yussuf, Heart's Desire, Hassan) 00:02:29
6 Act II: Our tale is told (Yussuf) 00:02:43
7 Act II: What does it mean (Dancing Sunbeam, Blush-of-Morning, Yussuf, Royal Guard) 00:02:40
8 Act II: It has reached me a lady named Hubbard (Dancing Sunbeam, Scent-of-lilies, Heart's Desire, Honey-of-Life, Yussuf, Hassan, Abdallah) 00:03:36
9 Act II: Hassan, the Sultan with his Court approaches (Vizier, Physician, Executioner, Chorus, Sultan) 00:02:18
10 Act II: There was once a small Street Arab (Chorus, Hassan) 00:02:51
11 Act II: A bridal march (Chorus) 00:01:24
12 Overture di ballo- 00:12:09
13 HMS Pinafore: Overture- 00:04:21
14 The Pirates of Penzance: Overture- 00:07:44
15 The Mikado: Overture- 00:08:05
16 The Yeomen of the Guard: Overture- 00:05:09
Macbeth: Overture- 00:07:52
17 Macbeth Overture 00:07:52