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WEILL, K.: Street Scene (Hollywood Bowl Performance) (1949)

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Track Details

Street Scene- 01:14:34
1 Act I: Overture: Ain't it awful, the heat (Greta, Emma, Olga, Ensemble) 00:03:44
2 Act I: I got a marble and a star (Henry) 00:01:29
3 Act I: Gossip Trio: Get A Load of That (Greta, Emma, Olga, Ensemble) 00:01:07
4 Act I: When A Woman Has A Baby (David, Ensemble) 00:01:42
5 Act I: Scene: Somehow I Never Could Believe (Anna) 00:08:19
6 Act I: Ice Cream Sextet (Lippo, Ensemble) 00:04:38
7 Act I: Let Things Be Like They Always Was (Frank) 00:03:00
8 Act I: Lonely House (Sam) 00:03:50
9 Act I: What Good Would The Moon Be? (Rose) 00:05:26
10 Act I: Remember That I Care (Rose, Sam) 00:05:33
11 Act II Scene 1: Entr'acte: There'll Be Trouble (Frank, Anna, Rose) 00:09:00
12 Act II Scene 1: A Boy Like You (Anna) 00:02:47
13 Act II Scene 1: We'll Go Away Together (Sam, Rose) 00:03:01
14 Act II Scene 1: The Woman Who Lived Up There (Ensemble) 00:05:19
15 Act II Scene 2: Interlude: Lullaby (Nursemaids) 00:05:36
16 Act II Scene 2: I Loved Her Too (Frank, Rose, Ensemble) 00:03:50
17 Act II Scene 2: Don't Forget The Lilac Bush - Ain't It Awful, The Heat (Sam, Rose, Greta, Emma, Olga, Ensemble) 00:06:13