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Track Details

Disc 1

Eva- 01:53:43
1 Act I: You vex me so, Eva (Manek, Eva) 00:07:13
2 Act I: Do drop the distress (Manek, Eva, Samko) 00:06:10
3 Act I: Where did Manek run? (Chorus, Samko) 00:02:20
4 Act I: That's good you are coming (Mesjanovka, Samko, Eva) 00:04:01
5 Act I: You are so strange! (Samko, Eva) 00:04:48
6 Act I: I can see my humble cottage (Samko, Eva) 00:06:04
7 Act I: La la la la la la (Chorus) 00:02:45
8 Act I: The night has alighted (Eva, Manek) 00:04:42
9 Act I: Eva, it`s impossible (Manek, Eva) 00:02:43
10 Act II: Introduction 00:02:38
11 Act II: A bird was flying over the green meadow (Zuzka, Samko) 00:04:30
12 Act II: She always returns so sad and pale (Samko, Zuzka, Eva) 00:02:04
13 Act II: Good evening (Mesjanovka, Samko, Eva, Zuzka) 00:05:31
14 Act II: Well, Evuska (Samko, Zuzka, Eva, Manek) 00:05:28
15 Act II: Evuska, my dear little soul (Manek, Eva, Manek, Samko) 00:03:39
16 Act II: Your single word has ruined everything! (Manek, Eva, Samko, Zuzka) 00:05:40
17 Act II: Go to Mesjanych, I`m resolved (Eva, Zuzka, Samko) 00:04:29

Disc 2

Eva- 01:53:43
1 Act III: Introduction 00:06:23
2 Act III: Water, I don`t want it! (Chorus) 00:06:33
3 Act III: All the people around are so happy (Msnek, Eva) 00:05:47
4 Act III: I was frightened by a bad dream tonight (Eva, Manek, Zuzka, Mesjanovka) 00:06:14
5 Act III: Why do I hesitate to say what can`t be concealed (Manek, Mesjanovka, Eva) 00:04:19
6 Act III: But we shall belong to one another anyhow (Msnek, Eva) 00:04:12
7 Act III: I regret the guilt, let me enter in chastity the other world (Eva, Manek) 00:05:30