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PACIUS: The Hunt of King Charles (Kaarle Kuninkaan Metsastys)

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Track Details

Disc 1

The Hunt of King Charles (Kaarle Kuninkaan Metsastys)- 02:09:26
1 Act I Scene 1: Overture 00:06:52
2 Act I Scene 1: Huntsmen's Chorus: Halloo! Kautta synkean metsamaan (Hello! In the dark green woodland) (Chorus) 00:02:30
3 Act I Scene 1: Quintet: Kas niin, nyt veikot, pyssyt syrjahan (Well met, my friends, now put your rifles down) (Gyllenstjerna, Baner, …) 00:03:09
4 Act I Scene 1: Drinking Song: Juo, nauti, haavehet luo! (Drink, enjoy!) (Gyllenstjerna, Baner, Oxenstjerna, Wachtmeister, Lewenhaupt) 00:02:03
5 Act I Scene 1: Dialogue: Kuninkaan malja! (I toast the King!) (Gyllenstjerna, Baner, Wachtmeister, Oxenstjerna, Lewenhaupt) 00:00:26
6 Act I Scene 1: Quintet: Niin, marski tuuma hurja! (As Marshal and most demanding!) (Wachtmeister, Baner, Oxenstjerna, Gyllenstjerna, …) 00:05:00
7 Act I Scene 2: Duet of two ladies-in-waiting: Tuoll' kukkuu kaki! (The cuckoo sings!) (Ladies-in-waiting) 00:05:39
8 Act I Scene 3: Dialogue: Kuningas viipyy viela (The King is not coming yet) (Queen, Horn) 00:00:40
9 Act I Scene 3: Ensemble: Min kauhean nain turmatyon! (Oh, what a shameful crime!) (Reutercrantz, Queen, Horn, Baner, Chorus, …) 00:07:34
10 Act I Scene 4: Dialogue: Min' oot nakoinen! (My child) (Queen, King, Horn) 00:00:57
11 Act I Scene 5: Dialogue: Aitinsa kera tuoll' kay pienoinen (There goes he with his mother, little brat) (Gyllenstjerna) 00:00:27
12 Act I Scene 5: Recitative and Aria: Nyt on han mun! (Now he is mine!) (Gyllenstjerna) 00:02:36
13 Act I Scene 5: Dialogue: Oletko yksin? (Are you alone?) (King, Gyllenstjerna) 00:01:54
14 Act I Scene 6: Target-shooting Chorus: Kilvan nyt koittaa voimme, ken voittaa! (Come, we shall try it, Marksmen will share it!) (Chorus, …) 00:06:21
15 Act II Scene 1: Ballad: Ja nuori merenneito han suvi-illalla (A mermaid in the ocean did roam summer night) (Leonora) 00:06:58
16 Act II Scene 1: Dialogue: Aina muistelen tuot pikku kuningasta (It makes me think about the little King) (Leonora) 00:00:30
17 Act II Scene 2-3: Duet: Laps kaunis, ehtoota! (Good evening, good child!) (Reutercrantz, Leonora, Jonathan) 00:05:02
18 Act II Scene 3: Duet: Kay kanssain armas, kay pois (Come my beloved, you must flee) (Leonora, Jonathan) 00:06:17
19 Act II Scene 3: Dialogue: Pakene, Jonathan! (Flee, Jonathan!) (Leonora. Jonathan) 00:00:13

Disc 2

The Hunt of King Charles (Kaarle Kuninkaan Metsastys)- 02:09:26
1 Act II Scene 4: Dialogue: Vaan sano kuinka mahti meille paatyy (So tell us, how shall we achieve this task) (Baner, Gyllenstjerna, …) 00:06:11
2 Act II Scene 5: Aria: Oi yon kaukomaista taivon silma paista (O Moon, you silvery noble maiden) (Leonora) 00:09:49
3 Act II Scene 6: Dialogue: On kelpo tuuli, meri vaahtoilee (A bracing wind, and the sea is whipping white) (Old Fisherwoman, Jonathan) 00:00:43
4 Act II Scene 6: Shanty and Chorus: Se miesi kehnoks' sanotaan (A scurvy tar is such a man) (Jonathan, Chorus) 00:03:51
5 Act II Scene 7: Dialogue: Kiitos teille! (My thanks to thee! That was a jolly tune!) (Reutercrantz, Jonathan, Leski) 00:00:20
6 Act II Scene 7: Finale: Kuin? Jonathan? (What? Jonathan?) (Reutercrantz, Jonathan, Chorus) 00:05:53
7 Act III Scene 1: Chorus of the Market-people: Hei, nyt naurut soivat (Come, rejoice in pleasure) (Chorus, Turku merchant, Old Fisherwoman) 00:05:21
8 Act III Scene 1: Kaappiin tanne katschokaat (Who would see my cabinet) (Conjurers, Chorus, Leonora, Bear) 00:05:37
9 Act III Scene 2: Dialogue: Tottako, etta Jonathan Foglosta (Is it true, that Jonathan of Foglo is doomed to die?) (2 Peasant Girls) 00:00:31
10 Act III Scene 2-3: Couplet and Dialogue: Kuningas, nyt sen kuulet (A King, hear me, a King, I truly tell thee) (2 Peasant Girls, King) 00:02:45
11 Act III Scene 4: Dialogue: Anteeksi, olette liian kaino viela (Forgive me, but I think you are too shy) (Gyllenstjerna, King) 00:00:38
12 Act III Scene 5: Roundelay: Ja tahdotte tietaa, ja nahdakin kenties (And would you now learn it) (Chorus, Miehet, Leonora, Gyllenstjerna,…) 00:02:38
13 Act III Scene 5: Dialogue and Chorus: Petosta! (Treason!) (King, Gyllenstjerna, Leonora, Chorus) 00:03:26
14 Act III Scene 6: Dialogue: Takaisin, taikka oitis ammun sua! (Stop, or I will shoot!) (Leonora, Gyllenstjerna) 00:00:21
15 Act III Scene 7-8: Trio and Chorus: Armahin tytto hempea! (Maiden so sweet and comely) (Gyllenstjerna, Leonora, Jonathan, Chorus) 00:04:55
16 Act III Scene 9: Dialogue: Kaarle! (My Charles!) (Queen, King, Gyllenstjerna) 00:01:30
17 Act III Scene 10: Dialogue: Nyt palkan saakoon uskollinen kansa! (Our faithful folk shall now be well rewarded) (King, Kansa, Jonathan) 00:00:28
18 Act III Scene 10: Ballad: Ja meren nuori impi (The mermaid of the ocean, she smiled and softly said) (Leonora) 00:02:10
19 Act III Scene 10: Dialogue: Vapaasti valita saat, mita mielit (You must be free to choose) (King, Leonora, Kansa) 00:00:41
20 Act III Scene 10: Finale: Armonsa taa lain kuolon kalvan estaa (Praises we sing) (Chorus, Leonora, Jonathan) 00:01:23
21 Act III Scene 11: Scene: Ties outo huhu uskomaton (We heard a rumour that the King had been captured by bandits) (Horn, Reutercrantz, …) 00:02:06
22 Act III Scene 11: Hymn: Nyt kauaksi Suomi jaada saa (Though now we depart from Finland's shore) (Chorus) 00:03:01