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The Hall of Fame

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Track Details

1 The Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto (excerpt)- 00:06:07
Colourful Clouds (arr. Shou-qi Liang)- 00:07:46
2 Colourful Clouds 00:07:46
River of No Return (arr. Run-fu Zhu)- 00:04:16
3 River of No Return 00:04:16
4 Scenes of the Wu River- 00:04:53
5 Battling with the Storm- 00:04:54
Singing the Night Among Fishing Boats (arr. Guo-quan Li)- 00:06:21
6 Singing the Night Among Fishing Boats 00:06:21
Spring Festival Overture (arr. H. Situ; orch. X. Zhou)- 00:03:06
7 Spring Festival Overture 00:03:06
8 The Yellow River Piano Concerto: I. Prelude: The Song of the Yellow River Boatmen- 00:03:31
Dance of the Yi Tribe (arr. Wen-ping Li)- 00:09:05
9 Dance of the Yi Tribe 00:09:05
10 Polonaise Brillante in A major, Op. 21- 00:08:29
11 Violin Concerto in D major: I. Moderato mobile- 00:09:30
12 Violin Concerto in A major, K. 219: III. Tempo di menuetto- 00:09:13