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Track Details

1 Psalm 126, "When the Lord restored the fortunes of Sion"- 00:02:03
2 Psalm 127, "Except the Lord build the house, their labour is but lost that build it"- 00:02:15
3 4 Anthems: No. 1. O pray for the peace of Jerusalem, "Psalm 122"- 00:07:17
4 Psalm 121, "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills"- 00:02:33
5 Psalm 65, "Praise is due to thee O God in Sion"- 00:04:14
6 Let the people praise thee, O God, Op. 87, "Psalm 67"- 00:05:30
7 Psalm 41, "Blessed is he that considereth the poor and needy"- 00:03:57
8 Psalm 93, "The Lord is King, and hath put on glorious apparel"- 00:02:14
9 Burial Sentences, "I am the resurrection and the life, saith the Lord"- 00:02:59
10 Psalm 137, "By the waters of Babylon we sat down and wept, when we remembered thee, O Sion"- 00:03:14
11 Psalm 114, "When Israel came out of Egypt"- 00:02:16
12 My Prayer, "Psalm 102"- 00:07:19
13 Psalm 111, "I will give thanks unto the Lord with my whole heart"- 00:03:14
14 Psalm 42, "Like as the hart desireth the water brooks, so longeth my soul after thee, O God"- 00:04:34
15 I was glad, "Psalm 122"- 00:06:25