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Track Details

1 Der Nayer Sher (The New Sher)- 00:02:18
2 Ogyn (Eyes)- 00:04:02
3 Ikh Vil Es Hern Nokh Amol (I Want to Hear it Again)- 00:03:43
4 Ikh Zing (For You I Sing)- 00:03:29
5 Abi Gezunt (So Long As You're Healthy)- 00:02:38
6 Zog Es Mir Nokh Amol (Tell Me Again)- 00:02:51
7 Di Grine Kuzine (The Greenhorn Cousin)- 00:03:25
8 Vos Geven Iz Geven Un Nito (What Was, Was, and Is No More)- 00:03:57
9 Oy Mame, Bin Ikh Farlibt (Oh, Mama, I'm in Love)- 00:03:01
10 Zog, Zog, Zog Es Mir (Tell Me, Say It to Me)- 00:03:51
11 Der Dishvasher (The Dishwasher)- 00:03:51
12 Du Shaynst Vi Di Zun (You Shine Like the Sun)- 00:06:33
13 Vos Iz Gevorn Fun Mayn Shtetele? (Whatever Became of My Shtetl?)- 00:05:39
14 Mazl (Good Fortune)- 00:03:17
Ikh Bin A "Boarder" Bay Mayn Vayb (I'm a Boarder at My Wife's)- 00:02:25
15 Ikh Bin a 'Boarder' Bay Mayn Vayb (I'm a Boarder at My Wife's) 00:02:25
16 Der Alter Tsigayner (The Old Gypsy)- 00:05:17