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ENESCU: Oedipe

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Track Details

Disc 1

Oedipe, Op. 23- 02:08:27
1 Act I Prologue: Prelude 00:04:31
2 Act I Prologue: Roi Laios, en ta maison (Women, High Priest, Warriors, Shepherds, Creon) 00:06:56
3 Act I Prologue: Les Dieux ont beni l`enfant (High Priest, Jocasta, Laius, Tiresias, Chorus) 00:08:11
4 Act II Scene 1: Mais l`exil eternel! (Oedipus, Phorbas, Chorus) 00:06:11
5 Act II Scene 1: Pourquoi trembler, mon fils? (Merope, Oedipus) 00:06:49
6 Act II Scene 2: Est-ce deja le Roi? (Shepherd, Oedipus, Laius) 00:10:29
7 Act II Scene 3: De l`aurore a l`aurore (Watchman, Oedipus, Sphinx) 00:15:04
8 Act II Scene 3: Ho! Ho! Reveillez-vous, Thebains! (Watchman, Oedipus, Thebans, Chorus) 00:05:43

Disc 2

Oedipe, Op. 23- 02:08:27
1 Act III: Oh! Oh! Helas! Helas! (Chorus, Oedipus, High Priest, Creon) 00:09:04
2 Act III: Divin Tiresias, tres cher, tres grand (Oedipus, Tiresias, Creon, Chorus) 00:06:02
3 Act III: Qu`entends-je, Oedipe? (Jocasta, Oedipus, Chorus, Shepherds, Phorbas) 00:12:37
4 Act III: Ouvrez les portes! (Oedipus, Chorus, Antigone, Creon) 00:11:39
5 Act IV Epilogue: Bienveillantes! Bienfaisantes! (Chorus, Theseus, Oedipus, Antigone) 00:10:09
6 Act IV Epilogue: Pere! Pere! Creon! Je vois Creon! (Antigone, Creon, Oedipus, Chorus) 00:15:02