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CHINA Wind Instrument Classics

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Track Details

1 Song Of Chu (Xun Solo)- 00:05:19
2 Kunqu Melody (Xun Solo)- 00:05:15
3 Parting From Friends (Xun Solo)- 00:05:50
4 A Soaring Phoenix (Sheng Solo)- 00:04:11
5 The Reservoir Attracts A Golden Phoenix (Sheng Solo)- 00:04:47
6 Shanxi Tune (Sheng Solo)- 00:05:27
7 Joyful Water-Sprinkling Festival (Sheng Solo)- 00:05:23
8 Barcarolle On The Weishan Lake (Sheng Solo)- 00:05:50
9 Southerly Breeze (Xiao Solo)- 00:05:27
10 Zhaojun's Lament (Xiao Solo)- 00:06:10