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Red Detachment of Women (Ballet)

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Track Details

The Red Detachment of Women (Ballet)- 00:59:03
1 Overture - Act I: (a) Dance of Lao Si and the Civil Corps (b) Wu Qinghua's Solo Dance 00:06:57
2 Act II: (a) Drill of the Woman Soldiers (b) The Get-Together of the Soldiers and the Villagers (c) Wu 00:10:23
3 Act III: (a) Dance of the Slave Girls (b) Dance of the Li Tribe (c) The Civil Corps' Broadsword Dance 00:08:20
4 Act IV: (a) The Politics Lesson (b) Wu Quinghua's Solo Dance (c) Dance Of Wu Qinghua And The Detachm 00:14:23
5 Act V: (a) Blocking Dance of Wu Qinghua and the Soldiers (b) Dance of the Red Flag (c) Combat Dance 00:07:47
6 Act VI: (a) Nan Batian and Lao Si in Death Throes (b) Hong Changqing's Heroic Death 00:11:13