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LECUONA: On a Night Like This

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Track Details

1 Siempre en mi corazon (Always in my heart)- 00:03:35
2 Como presiento (The feeling I have)- 00:02:17
3 Alla en la sierra (There in the mountains)- 00:02:28
4 Tu no tienes corazon (You have no heart)- 00:02:48
5 Mi corazon se fue (I lost my heart)- 00:03:20
6 Dame de tus rosas (Give me of your roses)- 00:03:44
7 ¡No es por ti! (It's not because of you!)- 00:02:31
8 ¡Mira! (Look!)- 00:03:02
9 Dame el amor (Give me your love)- 00:02:53
10 Que risa me da (Oh what a laugh)- 00:01:16
11 La comparsa (The procession)- 00:02:33
12 Al fin (Finally)- 00:03:38
13 Se abrieron las flores (The flowers opened)- 00:03:28
14 Conga Cuba- 00:01:30
15 Amor tardio (Belated love)- 00:01:55
16 En una noche asi (On a night like this)- 00:03:19
17 Devuelveme el corazon (Give me back my heart)- 00:02:28
18 Primavera de ilusion (Spring of illusion)- 00:02:46
19 Un amor vendra (A love will come)- 00:03:03
20 Me has dejado (You have left me)- 00:02:38
21 No me enganaras (You won't deceive me)- 00:02:47
22 Rumba mejoral (Pronouncing rumba)- 00:01:01
23 No me mires ni me hables (Don't look at me or speak to me)- 00:02:52
24 Mi amor fue una flor (My love was a flower)- 00:02:28
25 Cancion del amor triste (Song of sad love)- 00:03:55