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GADE: Korsfarerne (The Crusaders)

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Track Details

Korsfarerne (The Crusaders), Op. 50- 00:58:15
1 I. I Orkene (In the Desert): Chorus of Pilgrims and Women 00:05:27
2 I. I Orkene (In the Desert): Scene (Bass, Tenor) 00:02:12
3 I. I Orkene (In the Desert): Crusaders' Song (Tenor, Bass, Chorus) 00:05:42
4 I. I Orkene (In the Desert): Prayer (Bass, Chorus) 00:03:27
5 II. Armida: Chorus of the Spirits of Darkness 00:03:35
6 II. Armida: Recitative and Aria (Mezzo-soprano) 00:04:21
7 II. Armida: Sirens' Chorus (Chorus, Tenor) 00:05:58
8 II. Armida: Scene (Mezzo-soprano, Tenor, Chorus) 00:09:00
9 III. Mod Jerusalem (Towards Jerusalem): Crusaders' Chorus: Morning Song 00:03:32
10 III. Mod Jerusalem (Towards Jerusalem): Aria (Tenor) 00:03:34
11 III. Mod Jerusalem (Towards Jerusalem): Pilgrims' March (Chorus, Tenor) 00:03:35
12 III. Mod Jerusalem (Towards Jerusalem): Final Scene (Bass, Chorus, Tenor) 00:07:52