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SINGING APES (THE) and Other Songs of Love and War

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Track Details

1 The Singing Apes of Khao Yai- 00:06:42
2 The Ballad of Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard- 00:09:13
The Song of the Blacksmith- 00:01:26
3 Hampshire Folk-song: The Song of the Blacksmith 00:01:26
4 The Turtle Dove- 00:03:00
5 A Stopwatch and an Ordnance Map, Op. 15- 00:06:23
6 Per un morto (For a Dead Man)- 00:03:05
7 Wir zogen in das Feld (We Went into the Field)- 00:02:55
8 Der alte Soldat (The Old Soldier)- 00:04:37
9 Der Tambour (The Drummer)- 00:02:05
10 Die Rose stand im Tau (The Rose stand in the Dew), Op. 65, No. 1- 00:02:47
11 Standchen (Serenade), Op. 135, D. 920a- 00:05:42
12 Verbundenheit (Solidarity), Op. 35 No. 6- 00:02:11
Das Berliner Requiem (The Berlin Requiem)- 00:18:39
13 I. Grosser Dankchoral (Great Thanksgiving Chorale) 00:03:26
14 II. Ballade 00:02:34
15 III. Marterl: "Hier ruht die Jungfrau" ( Marterl: "Here Lies the Virgin") 00:01:57
16 IV. Wir kamen von den Gebirgen (We Came from the Mountains) 00:03:46
17 V. Alles, was ich euch sagte (Everything I told you) 00:05:05
18 VI. Grosser Dankchoral (Great Thanksgiving Chorale) 00:01:51