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CHRISTMAS Folkjul - A Swedish Folk Christmas

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Track Details

1 Intro (Organ Improvisation)- 00:02:42
Bereden vag for herran (Prepare Way for the Lord)- 00:07:12
2 Bereden vag for Herran (Prepare Way for the Lord) 00:07:12
3 Ett barn ar fott pa denna dag (A Child is Born Upon This Day)- 00:04:02
4 Personent hodie- 00:02:55
5 Det ar en ros utsprungen (Lo, how a Rose e'er blooming / A spotless rose)- 00:06:46
6 Glad dig du Kristi brud (O Bride of Christ, Rejoice)- 00:02:54
7 Staffans halsningssang (Staffan's Greeting Song)- 00:02:23
8 Staffansvisa (Staffan Ballad/Stephen's Song)- 00:01:11
9 Staffan Halling- 00:03:01
10 En jungfru fodde ett barn idag (A Virgin Bore Us a Child Today)- 00:05:41
11 Stilla natt (Silent Night)- 00:06:08
12 Frid pa jord (Peace on Earth)- 00:04:51
13 Jasspodspolska ("Banquet Polska" after Grins Hans)- 00:02:44
14 Varldens Fralsare (Our Saviour Has Come)- 00:07:31
Veni, veni Emmanuel (O come, o come Emmanuel)- 00:02:53
15 Veni, veni Emmanuel (O Come, O Come Emmanuel) 00:02:53