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MERRILL, Carol: Why Shouldn't I?

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Track Details

1 Nymph Errant: It's Bad For Me- 00:03:45
2 The New Yorkers: Where have you been?- 00:05:04
3 Jubilee: Why shouldn't I?- 00:04:00
4 I'm Confessin' (That I Love You)- 00:03:14
5 Gay Divorce: After you- 00:04:07
6 Simple Simon: He was too good to me - I Get Along Without You Very Well- 00:04:45
7 Take Love Easy- 00:04:18
8 You Are Not My First Love- 00:03:25
9 Closer than Ever: There- 00:04:18
10 It Was Worth It- 00:02:26
11 Two on the Aisle: If you hadn't but you did- 00:02:41
12 When You Walked Out- 00:03:18
13 Sadie Salome, Go Home- 00:02:55