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McCONNELL: So Very Rob: Boss Brass Revisited

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Track Details

1 Autumn in New York (arr. R. McConnell)- 00:07:14
2 Confirmation (arr. R. McConnell)- 00:08:45
3 Street of Dreams (arr. R. McConnell)- 00:08:43
4 Peace / Blue Silver (arr. R. McConnell)- 00:09:39
So Very Rob- 00:05:58
5 So very Rob 00:05:58
What Am I Here For (arr. R. McConnell)- 00:04:59
6 What am I here for (arr. R. McConnell) 00:04:59
7 Sixth Sense- 00:06:23
8 Stella by Starlight (arr. R. McConnell)- 00:09:15
9 Crazy Rhythm (arr. R. McConnell)- 00:05:00
A Child is Born / Our Waltz- 00:05:42
10 A Child is born / Our Waltz 00:05:42
Things Ain't What They Used To Be (arr. R. McConnell)- 00:07:14
11 Things ain't what they used to be (arr. R. McConnell) 00:07:14