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LISZT: Christus, S3/R478

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Track Details

Disc 1

Christus, S3/R478- 02:40:32
1 Christmas Oratorio: Introduction 00:14:18
2 Christmas Oratorio: Pastorale und Verkundigung des Engels (Pastorale and Herald Angel's Song) (Soprano, Tneor, Chorus) 00:06:55
3 Christmas Oratorio: Stabat Mater speciosa (Chorus) 00:10:43
4 Christmas Oratorio: Hirtenspiel en der Krippe (Pastoral Music at the Manger) 00:13:21
5 Christmas Oratorio: Die heiligen drei Konige (March of the Three Magi) 00:14:31

Disc 2

Christus, S3/R478- 02:40:32
1 After Epiphany: Die Seligpreisungen (The Beatitudes) (Baritone, Chorus) 00:10:57
2 After Epiphany: Das Gebet des Herrn (The Lord's Prayer): Pater noster (Chorus) 00:07:44
3 After Epiphany: Die Grundung der Kirche (The Founding of the Church) (Chorus) 00:05:28
4 After Epiphany: Das Wunder (The Miracle) (Baritone, Chorus) 00:08:49
5 After Epiphany: Der Einzug in Jerusalem (Ride into Jerusalem) (Soloists, Chorus) 00:13:58

Disc 3

Christus, S3/R478- 02:40:32
1 Passion and Resurrection: Tristis est anima mea (Baritone) 00:14:02
2 Passion and Resurrection: Stabat Mater dolorosa (Soloists and Chorus) 00:32:40
3 Passion and Resurrection: O filii et filiae (Women's Chorus) 00:01:41
4 Passion and Resurrection: Resurrexit (Soloists and Chorus) 00:05:25