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FOSS: Griffelkin

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Track Details

Disc 1

Griffelkin- 01:42:22
1 Act I: Prologue: When the moon grows round and the dark grows double (Devils, Grandmother) 00:02:06
2 Act I: Prologue: You haven't swept up very snugly (Grandmother, Devils, Griffelkin) 00:04:39
3 Act I: Prologue: Hurry up now! Light the fire! (Grandmother, Devils) 00:01:45
4 Act I: Prologue: Dance - You have learned to bewitch (Grandmother) 00:03:55
5 Act I: Prologue: O Grandmother, you mean I can play in the world (Griffelkin, Grandmother, Devils) 00:05:40
6 Act I: Prologue: Entr'acte 00:02:12
7 Act II: Head over heels now here I come! (Griffelkin) 00:04:35
8 Act II: Bottle, we're off! (Griffelkin, Statue) 00:02:22
9 Act II: I'll try over there across the square (Griffelkin) 00:00:24
10 Act II: Good morning. Good gracious, you look like the devil (Letterbox, Griffelkin) 00:03:02
11 Act II: I've made a mistake (Griffelkin, Boy, Children) 00:01:24
12 Act II: Why, why can't you leave us (Lions, Griffelkin) 00:04:08
13 Act II: Did you turn them back into stone? (Girl, Griffelkin, Mother) 00:02:21
14 Act II: Where have you been? (Mother, Girl, Griffelkin) 00:02:30
15 Act II: Have I been dreaming? (Mother, Shopkeeper, Policeman) 00:02:57
16 Act II: Now you can see, I'm a master of magic (Griffelkin, Girl, Shopkeeper, Toys) 00:03:01
17 Act II: Come dance, come dance, round and round (Griffelkin, Girl) 00:03:09
18 Act II: Toys! Fiddlers, drummers! (Griffelkin, Girl, Toys) 00:02:44
19 Act II: Oh no! Oh no! Who would believe it! (Housewives, Griffelkin, Policeman, Letterbox, Lions, Statue, Toys) 00:08:39

Disc 2

Griffelkin- 01:42:22
1 Act III: Disaster, calamity, dreadful, insane (Housewives, Policeman, Shopkeeper, Letterbox, Statue, Toys, Lions) 00:03:21
2 Act III: Almost empty, only a drop (Griffelkin) 00:03:22
3 Act III: Mother, your lips are silent (Boy, Girl, Griffelkin) 00:02:35
4 Act III: Here I am! (Griffelkin, Girl) 00:03:04
5 Act III: Tell me please, tell me only: what is death? (Griffelkin, Girl, Boy) 00:01:48
6 Act III: I'll bring her back with a sprinkle of magic (Griffelkin, Mother, Boy, Girl) 00:04:46
7 Act III: Good! Good! Good! Good! (Devils, Grandmother, Griffelkin, Oldest Devil) 00:09:14
8 Act III: O, dark winds will haunt me (Griffelkin) 00:02:41
9 Act III: Why Griffelkin, good morning! (Girl, Boy, Griffelkin, Policeman, Housewives, Shopkeeper, Mother) 00:05:43
10 Act III: What a strange, round world (Children, Grownups) 00:04:15