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PUCCINI: Madama Butterfly (Madam Butterfly) (Sung in English)

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Track Details

Disc 1

Madama Butterfly (Madam Butterfly) (Sung in English)- 02:16:53
1 Act I: Introduction 00:01:05
2 Act I: So the walls and the ceiling … (Pinkerton, Goro) 00:02:06
3 Act I: I think Your Honour's smiling (Suzuki, Pinkerton, Goro) 00:02:17
4 Act I: It can't be much further now! (Sharpless, Goro, Pinkerton) 00:01:20
5 Act I: The whole world over (Pinkerton, Sharpless) 00:02:22
6 Act I: Fate can't crush him (Pinkerton, Sharpless) 00:01:13
7 Act I: Is the bride very pretty? (Sharpless, Goro, Pinkerton) 00:01:06
8 Act I: True love or fancy (Pinkerton, Sharpless) 00:03:23
9 Act I: See them! They're climbing the summit of the hill! (Goro, Butterfly's Girl Friends, Butterfly, Sharpless) 00:03:30
10 Act I: We are honoured (Butterfly, Girl Friends, Pinkerton, Sharpless, Goro) 00:03:34
11 Act I: The Imperial Commissioner (Goro, Pinkerton, Relations and Friends, Butterfly, Yakuside) 00:01:48
12 Act I: Oh, indeed, my friend, you're lucky! (Sharpless, Butterfly) 00:01:16
13 Act I: Come, my beloved (Pinkerton, Butterfly, Goro) 00:03:25
14 Act I: My fate I have to follow (Butterfly) 00:01:17
15 Act I: Silence! Silence! (Goro, Commissioner, Girl Friends, Butterfly) 00:01:52
16 Act I: Congratulations (Commissioner, Pinkerton, Sharpless, Registrar, Relatives, the Bonze, Goro) 00:04:33
17 Act I: Dearest, my dearest, weep no more (Pinkerton, Butterfly, Suzuki) 00:02:06
18 Act I: Evening is falling … (Pinkerton, Butterfly, Suzuki) 00:03:31
19 Act I: Child, from whose eyes the witchery is shining (Pinkerton, Butterfly) 00:03:52
20 Act I: Ah, love me a little (Butterfly, Pinkerton) 00:07:28
21 Act II Part 1: Izaghi Izanami (Suzuki, Butterfly) 00:06:47
22 Act II Part 1: One fine day (Butterfly) 00:04:35

Disc 2

Madama Butterfly (Madam Butterfly) (Sung in English)- 02:16:53
1 Act II Part 1: Come, let's enter (Goro, Sharpless, Butterfly) 00:04:22
2 Act II Part 1: Yamadori, and has your unrequitted love not yet released you? (Butterfly, Yamadori, Sharpless, Goro) 00:04:53
3 Act II Part 1: Now, at last! (Sharpless, Butterfly) 00:03:01
4 Act II Part 1: Just two things I could do (Butterfly, Sharpless) 00:02:07
5 Act II Part 1: This child! This child, then! (Butterfly, Sharpless) 00:01:49
6 Act II Part 1: Do you know, my darling (Butterfly) 00:03:24
7 Act II Part 1: I must be going (Sharpless, Butterfly, Suzuki) 00:01:43
8 Act II Part 1: Ah! Ah! (Goro, Suzuki, Butterfly) 00:01:52
9 Act II Part 1: Look, it's a man-of-war! (Suzuki, Butterfly) 00:02:33
10 Act II Part 1: Flower duet: Shake the cherry tree (Butterfly, Suzuki) 00:09:55
11 Act II Part 1: Humming Chorus 00:02:55
12 Act II Part 2: Prelude 00:04:29
13 Act II Part 2: Daybreak over Nagasaki 00:02:52
14 Act II Part 2: It's morning (Suzuki, Butterfly) 00:02:01
15 Act II Part 2: Who is it? … (Suzuki, Pinkerton, Sharples) 00:02:42
16 Act II Part 2: I know for such misfortune there is no consolation (Sharpless, Suzuki, Pinkerton) 00:03:59
17 Act II Part 2: Farewell, oh happy home! (Pinkerton, Sharpless) 00:01:51
18 Act II Part 2: Then will you tell her? (Kate, Suzuki) 00:01:19
19 Act II Part 2: Suzuki, where are you? (Butterfly, Suzuki) 00:01:47
20 Act II Part 2: You, Suzuki, you're always so faithful (Butterfly, Suzuki) 00:01:14
21 Act II Part 2: Viper! I want you to answer (Butterfly, Suzuki, Sharpless, Kate) 00:03:40
22 Act II Part 2: Your little fluttering heart is beating (Suzuki, Butterfly) 00:02:55
23 Act II Part 2: Death with honour is better than life with dishonour (Butterfly) 00:05:04