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VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Riders to the Sea / Household Music / Flos campi

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Track Details

Riders to the Sea, Op. 1- 00:41:44
1 Where is she? (Nora, Cathleen) 00:05:51
2 Isn't it turf enough you have (Maurya, Cathleen, Nora) 00:01:37
3 Where is the bit of new rope, Cathleen (Bartley, Cathleen, Nora, Maurya) 00:04:21
4 Act I: He's gone now, God spare us (Maurya, Cathleen, Nora) 00:03:11
5 Wait, Nora, maybe she'd turn back quickly (Cathleen, Nora) 00:04:07
6 You didn't give him his bit of bread? (Cathleen, Maurya) 00:03:00
7 I went down to the spring well (Maurya, Nora, Cathleen) 00:03:10
8 Bartley will be lost now (Maurya, Nora, Cathleen, Woman, Chorus) 00:05:18
9 They are all gone now (Maurya, Nora) 00:06:10
10 And may he have mercy on my soul (Maurya, Chorus) 00:04:59
Household Music- 00:16:58
11 No. 1. Crug-Y-Bar: Fantasia 00:04:46
12 No. 2. St. Denio: Scherzo 00:03:16
13 No. 3. Aberystwyth: Variations 00:08:56
Flos campi- 00:19:32
14 I. Sicut Lilium inter spinas, sic anima mea inter filias … (As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters …) 00:02:37
15 II. Iam enim hiems transit; imber abiit, et recessit … (For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone …) 00:02:49
16 III. Quaesivi quem diligit anima mea … (I sought him whom my soul loveth, but I found him not …) 00:03:22
17 IV. En lectulum Salomonis sexaginta fortes ambiunt … (Behold his bed which is Solomon's …) 00:01:49
18 V. Revertere, revertere Sulamitis! (Return, return, O Shulamite!) 00:03:02
19 VI. Pone me ut signaculum super cor tuum (Set me as a seal upon thine heart) 00:05:53