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CHRISTMAS CHORAL MUSIC (Danish National Opera Choir)

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Track Details

1 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (arr. D. Willcocks and R. Steadman-Allen)- 00:03:45
2 En rose sa jeg skyde (arr. A. Christensen)- 00:03:27
3 Forunderlight at sige (arr. P. Hellmuth and C. Nielsen)- 00:02:13
4 Away in a Manger- 00:02:55
5 Lad det klinge sodt i sky- 00:03:44
6 Her Kommer, Jesus, dine sma (arr. B. Kallenbach)- 00:02:51
7 Kimer, I klokker (arr. B. Kallenbach and A. Christensen)- 00:02:49
8 The Three Kings- 00:02:30
9 Dejlig er jorden (arr. A. Ohrwall and G. Norgaard)- 00:02:54
Once in royal David's city (arr. D. Willcocks)- 00:04:16
10 Once in Royal David's City (arr. D. Willcocks) 00:04:16
Traditional - lyricist(s)
11 Old Christmas Hymn- 00:03:30
12 A Christmas Fantasy- 00:07:13
13 I sing of a Maiden (arr. D. Angus)- 00:02:50
Traditional - lyricist(s)
14 The 12 Days of Christmas- 00:03:27
15 Det er hvidt herude (arr. J. Riis)- 00:04:18
16 Vaer velkommen, Herrens ar (arr. A. Christensen)- 00:02:35
17 Juletraeet med sin pynt (arr. S. Hansen)- 00:02:59
Anonymous - lyricist(s)
18 We Wish You a Merry Christmas- 00:01:43