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SULLIVAN, A.: Haddon Hall [Operetta] (Lyle)

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Track Details

Disc 1

Haddon Hall- 01:50:09
1 Act I: Introduction - Ye statelt homes of England (Chorus) 00:02:43
2 Act I: To-day, it is a festal time (Chorus) 00:02:13
3 Act I: Song: But midst our jubilation (Dorcas) - T'was a dear little dormouse (Chorus) 00:03:22
4 Act I: Hail to the Lord of Haddon (Dorothy, Lady Vernon, Sir George, Chorus) 00:03:24
5 Act I: Madrigal: Welcome, I bid ye welcome - When the budding bloom of May (Dorothy, Lady Vernon, Sir George, Chorus) 00:04:14
6 Act I: Trio: Nay, father dear (Dorothy, Lady Vernon, Sir George) 00:02:20
7 Act I: Duet: Mother, dearest mother (Dorothy, Lady Vernon) 00:03:20
8 Act I: Song: Ribbons to sell (Oswald) - Come, simples and gentles (Chorus) 00:03:21
9 Act I: Duet: The sun's in the sky (Dorcas, Oswald) 00:02:43
10 Act I: Recitative: My mistress comes (Dorothy, Dorcas, Oswald) 00:00:55
11 Act I: Trio: Oh, tell me what is a maid to say (Dorothy, Dorcas, Oswald) 00:02:51
12 Act I: Recitative: Why weep and wait? (Dorothy) - Song: Red of the rosebud (Dorothy) 00:03:26
13 Act I: Entrance of Puritans: Down with Princes 00:01:14
14 Act I: Song: I've heard it said (Rupert) 00:02:40
15 Act I, Finale: Scene: The bonny bridegroom cometh (Company) 00:03:56
16 Act I, Finale: Scene: When I was but a little lad (Rupert, Chorus) 00:01:50
17 Act I, Finale: Scene: Hail, cousin Rupert (Company) 00:02:11
18 Act I, Finale: Solo: When, yestereve, I knelt to pray (Dorothy, Company) 00:01:58
19 Act I, Finale: Ensemble: Father, forgive! (Company) 00:01:30
20 Act I: Solo: The earth is fair (Manners) (Appendix) 00:02:20
21 Act I: Duet: Sweetly the morn doth break (Dorothy, Manners) (Appendix) 00:02:05

Disc 2

Haddon Hall- 01:50:09
1 Act II Scene 1: Introduction - Hoarsely the wind is blowing (Chorus of Puritans) 00:01:47
2 Act II Scene 1: Song: My name it is McCrankie (McCrankie) 00:02:24
3 Act II Scene 1: Duet: There's no one by (Rupert, McCrankie) 00:03:04
4 Act II Scene 1: Triio: Hoity-toity, what's a kiss? (Dorcas, Rupert, McCrankie) 00:02:08
5 Act II Scene 1, Finale: Quartet: The west wind howls (Dorothy, Dorcas, Manners, Oswald) 00:07:52
6 Act II Scene 1, Finale: Storm 00:03:03
7 Act II Scene 2: Recitative: Silence all1 Attend to your host! (Major Damo, Sir George) - Song: In days of old (Major Domo, Sir George) 00:03:02
8 Act II Scene 2: Scene: Eloped, eloped! (Company) 00:01:11
9 Act II Scene 2: Duet: We were sheltering all (Rupert, McCrankie, Chorus) 00:03:34
10 Act II Scene 2: Scene: In vain they will blunder (Lady Vernon, Company) 00:02:51
11 Act III: Our heads we bow (Opening Chorus) 00:01:54
12 Act III: Song: Queen of the garden (Lady Vernon, Chorus) 00:04:27
13 Act III: Recitative: Alone - alone! (Lady Vernon, Sir George) 00:01:11
14 Act III: Duet: Bride of my youth (Lady Vernon, Sir George) 00:02:35
15 Act III: Scene: In frill and feather (Dorcas, Rupert, 3 Girls, Chorus) 00:01:31
16 Act III: Ensemble: Good General Monk (Oswald, Company) 00:02:24
17 Act III: Song: We have thought the matter out (Dorcas, Rupert, Puritans) 00:02:06
18 Act III: Song: Hech, mon! Hech, mon! It gars me greet (McCrankie, Chorus) 00:03:12
19 Act III, Finale: Ensemble: Hark! The cannon! (Company) 00:05:17