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SHENG, B.: Song of Majnun (The) (Complete)

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Track Details

The Song of Majnun- 00:56:33
1 Scene 1: Tiger in the pinewood, run through the pinewood (Boys, Girls, Majnun, Layla, Layla's Mother and Father) 00:07:57
2 Scene 2: Here! What? Have you heard, have you heard? (First Gossip, Second Gossip, Majnun) 00:06:18
3 Scene 3: Light of my soul, where are you? (Ensemble, Layla) 00:05:46
4 Scene 4: Old man, who are you? (Majnun, Majnun's Father) 00:08:38
5 Scene 5: Has he heard, has he heard? (First Gossip, Second Gossip, Ensemble, Layla's Mother and Father, IBN Salam) 00:04:31
6 Scene 6: This letter comes from a grieving woman to a man of grief (Layla, Majnun) 00:06:43
7 Scene 7: Layla, my child, come inside (Layla's Mother, Layla) 00:05:43
8 Interlude: Majnun's Dream 00:02:01
9 Scene 8: Layla, we mourn you (Ensemble, IBN Salam, Layla Mother and Father, First Gossip, Second Gossip, Majnun) 00:08:56
10 Composer Bright Sheng and Librettist Andrew Porter in Coversation with Tom Sudholt, host of Saturday Afternoon at the Opera- 00:17:07