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EGYPT Hossam Ramzy Presents Gypsies of the Nile

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Track Details

1 Yarit etjiny yaghaly (I wish that you would come to me, my beloved)- 00:07:08
2 Wein ergady (If only I could go to sleep)- 00:08:15
3 Nally addeit (I am the one who passed by my beloved's tent)- 00:07:12
4 Leit el ghaly leya ye oud (I wish my precious one would return)- 00:06:33
5 Sharetny oyounha (Her eyes bewitched me)- 00:11:23
6 Loumi ala leiyam - Men kotr Ghalak alaya (I blame the days for his absence …)- 00:09:21
7 Min nar oyounik ya nesma (Because of the fire in your eyes, Nesma)- 00:07:00
8 La, la, la, omri manhounik (No, no, no, I would never give you up easily)- 00:03:42
9 Weinak ya awwal habib (Where are you, my first love)- 00:09:48
10 Gypsy Dance- 00:08:12