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EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Bedouin Tribal Dance

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Track Details

1 Raqset Al-Hajjalah (Dance of the Haggalah)- 00:05:07
2 Enta W'Bas (Only You)- 00:05:05
3 Efrooh Bwadina (Wedding of our Valley)- 00:05:18
Habbetik B'Jnoon - 00:05:10
4 Habbetik B'Jnoon 00:05:10
5 Oyounik Ya Sattar (I Pray that Allah Would Protect me from The Power of Your Eyes)- 00:04:56
6 Shebl W'Talhinah (Shebl's Melody)- 00:05:01
7 Ghaly Al Ein (You Are Precious to My Eyes)- 00:05:03
8 Matloumini (Don't Blame Me)- 00:05:01
9 Al Majroodah (The Majroodah)- 00:04:55
10 Baly Mashghoul (My Mind is Always Occupied With You)- 00:05:19