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HUNGARY Hungarian Songs as sung by Gyongyi Hatvani Kiss

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Track Details

1 Elkuldom a levelemet (I will send my letter)- 00:02:43
2 A kanyargo Tisza - partjan (On the banks of the meadering Tisza)- 00:03:14
3 Arad a Tisza (The Tisza is swelling)- 00:01:50
4 Minek nekem a szombat estet varni (Why should I wait for Saturday evening)- 00:01:15
5 Cudar es a vilag (This world is wicked)- 00:01:17
6 Negy levelu a lohere (The clover has 3 leaves)- 00:02:01
7 Halas szivvel, tiszetelettel (With a grateful heart, with respect)- 00:02:29
8 Az a szokas jarja (There is a custom)- 00:02:33
9 Ne hidd el, ha azt mondjak (Don't believe them if they tell you)- 00:02:42
10 Akinek a sziven banat ul (When sorrow dwells in one's heart)- 00:01:48
11 Fagyban, kozepeben a telnek (In frost, in the middle of the winter)- 00:01:32
12 Hiaba imadlak, hiaba szeretlek (I adore you in vain, I love you in vain)- 00:02:20
13 Kobor oszi szellel (Rambling autumn wind)- 00:02:23
14 Siratom en a regi babamat (I mourn for my old sweetheart)- 00:01:33
15 Szegrol-vegre (More or less)- 00:02:18
16 Szeret engem a jo Isten (The good God loves me)- 00:02:32
17 Mert nem szabad, szeresselek? (Why am I not allowed to love you?)- 00:02:30
18 Volt-e mar szivedben fajdalom? (Has pain ever been in your heart?)- 00:01:32
19 Szalldogal a fecske (The sparrow flies)- 00:01:02
20 Nincs szebb madar a fecskenel (No bird is more beautiful than the sparrow)- 00:02:50
21 Sarbogard, Dombovar- 00:03:22
22 Elt a Maros partjan (On the banks of the Maros)- 00:02:54
23 Maros vize folyik csendesen (The water of the Maros flows silently)- 00:01:56
24 Ott, ahol a Maros vize (Where the water of the Maros)- 00:01:43
25 Vandorfelhok fenn az egen (Wandering clouds up in the sky)- 00:02:51
26 Elmegyek a templom mellett (I walk past the church)- 00:02:21
27 Vege, vege, vege mar (It's over, over, over now)- 00:02:26