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HUNGARY Hungarian Tunes as performed by Dezso Balogh and the Budapest Gypsy Orchestra

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Track Details

1 Az utolso falevellel (Along with the last leaf)- 00:03:44
2 Szorja a nap aranysugarat (The sun is shining gold)- 00:01:15
3 Folszallott a vadgalamb hazunk tetejere (The turtle-dove flew on top of our house)- 00:01:03
4 Csak ugy mondom maganak (I am just telling you)- 00:00:40
5 Megmondtam egy piros rozsaszalnak (I told it to a red rose)- 00:01:45
6 Hallod-e notaskedvu szep madar (Do you hear it hark, you cheerful-singing bird)- 00:01:44
7 Nem tudom az eletemet hol rontottam en el (I don't know where I spoiled my life)- 00:02:40
8 Somogyban-Somgyban (In the Somogy, in the Somogy)- 00:00:50
9 Ahogy engem ver az Isten (Jast as God will punish me)- 00:02:18
10 Kertes haz, benne egy nyilo rozsa (A blooming rose in a house with a garden)- 00:01:16
11 Arva vagyok, arva (I am, an orphan, an orphan)- 00:00:48
12 Most kezdodik a tanc (The dance starts now)- 00:01:36
13 Valakinek muzsikalnak (They make music to someone)- 00:02:51
14 Este, ha lefekszik, almodozzon rolam (In the evening, if you go to bed, dream about me)- 00:03:23
15 Gyere velem akaclombos falumba (Come with me to my village of locust trees)- 00:01:25
16 Csitt babam, jaj de jo volt az este (Hust, my baby, this evening was great)- 00:00:40
17 Barackfa viraga (Peach tree flower)- 00:02:15
18 Van nekem szeretom egynehany (I have a number of lovers myself)- 00:01:24
19 Hogyha egyszer a szivedben (If ever in your heart)- 00:02:46
20 Megallok a keresztutnal (I stop at the crossroad)- 00:02:34
21 Tagadom, tagadom (I deny it, deny it)- 00:01:27
22 Ejszakozo ember vagyok (I am a night man)- 00:02:47
23 Bementem a patikaba (I entered the pharmacy)- 00:00:37
24 Halljatok ciganyok (Hear it gypsies)- 00:01:10
25 Nem lehet azt parancsolni senkinek (You cannot order anyone)- 00:01:54
26 Marosmenti fenyveserdo aljaban (On the floor of Pineforest along the Maros)- 00:02:41
27 Maros vize folyik csendesen (Maros is flowing peacefully)- 00:01:46
28 Ott ahol a Maros vize (Where the Maros River is bending far away)- 00:00:39
29 Hajlik a rozsafa (Bending rose tree)- 00:01:11
30 Azt mondjak a mennyorszagban (They say it in heaven)- 00:02:56
31 Rozsafa bologat a kert kozepen (Rose tree nodding in the middle of the garden)- 00:01:47
32 Cinege-cinege, cinegemadar (Tomtit, tomtit, tomtit)- 00:00:41
33 Vigyazz, mert megszur a rozsa aga (Careful because the rose will prick you)- 00:01:00
34 A-moll friss (Fresh in A minor)- 00:01:11
35 Ha majd egyszer ugy erzed (If ever you will feel that way)- 00:03:09
36 Egyetlen egy boldog percre (Why wait for a happy moment for so long)- 00:02:51
37 Irtam tegnap a babamnak (I wrote to my babe yesterday)- 00:01:50
38 Gyertek ide budapesti ciganyok (Comer here Budapest gypsies)- 00:00:42
39 Szakadozott rongy vonodat (Your torn rotten bow)- 00:01:26
40 Vege mar a daridonak (It is the end of the fun)- 00:01:38