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HUNGARY Hungarian Songs (Most van a Nap lemenobe)

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Track Details

1 Darumadar gyere velem (Crane bird come with me)- 00:03:36
2 Ram se nezett (She did not even look at me)- 00:02:42
3 Nyaron valyogot vetek (In the summer I make adobes)- 00:02:34
4 Meg azt mondjak (They say)- 00:01:24
5 Nemuljon el a hegedu (Hush, don't play the violin)- 00:02:51
6 Nem jo, nem jo minden este a kapuba kiallni (It's not good, It's not good)- 00:01:44
7 Paros elet a legszebb a vilagon (Living together is the best in the world)- 00:01:52
8 Kuldom a levelet Balogh Marianak (I'm writing this letter to Maria Balogh)- 00:04:15
9 Felvegi haz, alvegi haz (Houses at both ends of the village)- 00:01:37
10 Busan Szol A Kecskemeti (The big bell of the Kecskemet old church)- 00:03:48
11 Csitt, babam (Hush, my baby)- 00:00:46
12 Jegenyefan feszket rak a csoka (The jackdow nests in the poplar)- 00:02:52
13 Elragadta galambomat (My lover was drowned in Lake Balaton)- 00:02:34
14 Nem fuj a szel (The wind is not blowing)- 00:01:09
15 Hamis a rozsam (My lover is false)- 00:02:07
16 Most van a nap lemenobe' (The sun is setting now)- 00:05:24
17 Gyonge violanak (The violet stalk broke)- 00:03:32
18 Elmegyek a tengerszelre (I am going to the sea)- 00:02:51
19 Nyisd ki anyam a viragos ablakod (Mother, open your flowery window)- 00:02:19
20 Vasarhelyi setateren Bela cigany muzsikal (In the square of Vasarhely)- 00:04:10
21 Kunn a pusztan (I was born in Atkohaza, out in the plain)- 00:02:10
22 Biro uram, biro uram, adja ki a parancsot (Mr. Magistrate, Mr. Magistrate)- 00:03:03
23 Vihar a levelet (The tempest)- 00:02:28
24 Ide csal, oda csal (She tempts me here, she tempts me there)- 00:01:59
25 Eltorott a hegedum (My violin broke)- 00:02:29
26 Szoke kislany, csitt, csitt, csitt (Hush, hush blonde girl)- 00:01:10
27 Egy cica, ket cica, szaz cica haj (One pussycat, two pussycats)- 00:01:12