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CHRISTMAS CAROLS (Finnish) (Oulainen Youth Choir)

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Track Details

1 Joululaulu (A Christmas carol)- 00:03:52
Raala, R.
Hellen, Immi - lyricist(s)
2 Joulukirkkoon (A sleigh ride to Christmas Mass) (arr. for choir)- 00:01:44
3 Tuntureilla tuiskuttaa (It`s snowing hard in the mountains) (arr. for choir)- 00:02:52
4 Kuusen ymparilla (Around the Christmas tree)- 00:02:30
5 Lintujen joululaulu (The birds' Christmas carol) (arr. for choir)- 00:04:33
6 Lasten joulu (Children's Christmas) (arr. for choir)- 00:02:03
7 Lumiukko (The snowman) (arr. for choir)- 00:03:18
8 Betlehem (Bethlehem)- 00:02:09
9 Jouluihme (The wonder of Christmas)- 00:04:04
10 Odotan jouluvierasta (I await the Christmas visitor) (arr. for choir)- 00:01:35
11 On maassa hanget puhtahat (The snowdrifts pure) (arr. for choir)- 00:01:55
12 Talvi-iltana (One winter's eve) (arr. for choir)- 00:02:02
13 Mokit nukkuu lumiset (The Snowbound Cabins Sleep)- 00:03:44
14 Jouluyona (On Christmas Night)- 00:01:32
15 Joulun kieli (The message of Christmas)- 00:02:41
16 Me kaymme joulun viettohon (Christmas is upon us)- 00:02:52
17 Arkihuolesi kaikki heita (Cast care aside)- 00:01:50