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BACH, J.S.: St. Matthew Passion (Sung in English) (Skidmore)

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Track Details

Disc 1

St. Matthew Passion, BWV 244 (Sung in English)- 02:37:38
1 Part I: Come, you daughters, share my mourning (Chorus, Soprano) 00:06:18
2 Part I: Recitative: When Jesus had finished saying these things (Evangelist, Jesus) 00:00:36
3 Part I: Chorale: O blessed Jesu, how have you offended (Chorus) 00:00:42
4 Part I: Recitative: At that time there assembled all the chief (Evangelist, Chorus, Jesus) 00:02:56
5 Part I: Recitative: My master and my Lord (Alto 1) 00:00:54
6 Part I: Aria: Grief for sin reads the guilty heart within (Alto 1) 00:04:14
7 Part I: Recitative: Then one of the twelve, whose name was Judas (Evangelist, Judas) 00:00:38
8 Part I: Aria: Break in grief, O loving heart (Soprano 2) 00:04:19
9 Part I: Recitative: On the first day of Unleavened Bread the disciples came to Jesus (Evangelist, Chorus, Jesus) 00:02:01
10 Part I: Chorale: It's I whose sins have bound you (Chorus) 00:00:48
11 Part I: Recitative: He answered them and said (Evangelist, Jesus, Judas) 00:02:45
12 Part I: Recitative: Although our eyes with tears o'erflow (Soprano 1) 00:01:10
13 Part I: Aria: Jesu, Saviour, I am yours (Soprano 1) 00:03:15
14 Part I: Recitative: And after they had sung a hymn together (Evangelist, Jesus) 00:00:59
15 Part I: Chorale: Receive me, my Redeemer (Chorus) 00:00:51
16 Part I: Recitative: Simon Peter answered and said to him (Evangelist, Peter, Jesus) 00:01:05
17 Part I: Chorale: I want to stand beside you (Chorus) 00:00:54
18 Part I: Recitative: Then Jesus went with them to a garden called Gethsemane (Evangelist, Jesus) 00:01:28
19 Part I: Recitative: O Grief! What trembling of his heavy heart! (Tenor 1) - Chorale: My Saviour, why must all this trouble fall on you? (Chorus) 00:01:50
20 Part I: Aria: I would beside my Lord be watching (Tenor 1, Chorus) 00:04:50
21 Part I: Recitative: And going further, he threw himself on the ground (Evangelist, Jesus) 00:00:39
22 Part I: Recitative: The Saviour, low before his Father bending (Bass 2) 00:00:49
23 Part I: Aria: Never will I choose to leave him (Bass 2) 00:04:02
24 Part I: Recitative: Then he came to the disciples and found them sleeping (Evangelist, Jesus) 00:01:17
25 Part I: Chorale: O Father, let your will be done (Chorus) 00:00:54
26 Part I: Recitative: Again he came and found them sleeping (Evangelist, Jesus, Judas) 00:02:21
27 Part I: Aria: My Saviour Jesus, now is taken (Soprano 1, Alto 1, Chorus) 00:04:40
28 Part I: Recitative: And suddenly, one of the disciples who were there with Jesus (Evangelist, Jesus) 00:02:14
29 Part I: Chorale: O World, your sinful ways lament (Chorus) 00:05:56
30 Part II: Aria: Ah! Now is my Saviour gone! (Alto 1, Chorus) 00:03:58
31 Part II: Recitative: And those who had arrested Jesus took him to the house of the high priest (Evangelist) 00:01:00
32 Part II: Chorale: How falsely does the world accuse! (Chorus) 00:00:37
33 Part II: Recitative: Though many false witnesses came forward (Evangelist, False Witnesses, High Priest) 00:01:06
34 Part II: Recitative: My Lord stays silent, though men accuse him falsely (Tenor 2) 00:01:02
35 Part II: Aria: Endure through lies and taunts and slander (Tenor 2) 00:03:41
36 Part II: Recitative: The high priest answered, and said to him (Evangelist, High Priest, Jesus, Chorus) 00:02:09
37 Part II: Chorale: O Lord, who dares to strike you (Chorus) 00:00:58

Disc 2

St. Matthew Passion, BWV 244 (Sung in English)- 02:37:38
1 Part II: Recitative: Simon Peter was sitting in the courtyard, and a servant girl came to him and said (Evangelist, First Maid, Peter, Second Maid, Chorus) 00:02:23
2 Part II: Aria: Have mercy, Lord on, me (Alto 1) 00:05:38
3 Part II: Chorale: Lamb of God, I fall before you (Chorus) 00:01:02
4 Part II: Recitative: Now when the morning came (Evangelist, Judas, Chorus, Chief Priests) 00:01:46
5 Part II: Aria: Give, O give me back my Saviour (Evangelist) 00:02:36
6 Part II: Recitative: After they had conferred together (Evangelist, Pilate, Jesus) 00:01:58
7 Part II: Chorale: Commit your way to Jesus (Chorus) 00:00:59
8 Part II: Recitative: Now on the feast day (Evangelist, Pilate, Pilate's Wife, Chorus) 00:02:29
9 Part II: Amazing love, this sacrifice to offer (Chorus) 00:00:46
10 Part II: Recitative: The Governor asked (Evangelist, Pilate) 00:00:17
11 Part II: Recitative: To all men Jesus has done good (Soprano 1) 00:01:02
12 Part II: Aria: For love my Saviour now is dying (Soprano 1) 00:04:46
13 Part II: Recitative: But they shouted all the more and said (Evangelist, Chorus, Pilate) 00:01:50
14 Part II: Recitative: Have pity, God! (Alto 2) 00:01:02
15 Part II: Aria: If my weeping and my wailing be unavailing (Alto 1) 00:06:44
16 Part II: Recitative: And then the Governor's soldiers took Jesus (Evangelist, Chorus) 00:01:03
17 Part II: O bleeding head, so wounded (Chorus) 00:02:10
18 Part II: And after they had mocked him (Evangelist) 00:00:52
19 Part II: Recitative: In truth our flesh and blood must be (Bass 1) 00:00:34
20 Part II: Come, healing Cross! (Bass 1) 00:06:22
21 Part II: Recitative: And when they came to a place called Golgotha (Evangelist, Chorus) 00:03:22
22 Part II: Recitative: Ah, Golgotha! Unhappy Golgotha! (Alto 1) 00:01:27
23 Part II: Aria: See it: see the Saviour's outstretched arm (Alto 1, Chorus) 00:02:53
24 Part II: Recitative: Now from the midday hour there fell a darkness (Evangelist, Jesus, Chorus) 00:02:11
25 Part II: Chorale: Be near me, Lord, when dying (Chorus) 00:01:24
26 Part II: And then, at once (Evangelist, Chorus) 00:02:37
27 Part II: Recitative: At evening, hour of calm and rest (Bass 1) 00:01:54
28 Part II: Aria: Cleanse yourself, my heart from sin (Bass 1) 00:05:30
29 Part II: Recitative: So Joseph took the body and wrapped it in a clean linen (Evangelist, Chorus, Pilate) 00:02:24
30 Part II: Recitative: And now the Lord is laid to rest (Bass 1, Alto 1, Soprano 1, Chorus) 00:01:47
31 Part II: In tears of grief, dear Lord (Chorus) 00:05:54