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GOULD, Glenn: Radio Documentaries - Pablo Casals, Leopold Stokowski

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Disc 1

Casals - A Portrait for Radio- 01:16:05
1 ALBERT KAHN: Periodically and, strangely enough, not infrequently - I meet someone who has never heard of the name of Pablo Casals before 00:03:15
2 KAHN: Not so very long ago - when I was in Puerto Rico last - we were talking about how we happened to come together originally 00:03:03
3 KAHN: It's a very strange feeling - when you're sitting, talking to Don Pablo - to realize that you're speaking with a man who played... 00:02:27
4 KAHN: You have to understand that I am speaking not as a musicologist - music is not primarily my field 00:02:42
5 KAHN: In the United States today, I suppose his name is most closely associated with his yearly appearances at the Marlboro Festival 00:07:20
6 PABLO CASALS: Now I say that the Marlboro School is the best possible - the best school in the world 00:06:49
7 KAHN: One question that was recently asked me regarding Casals, I found of special interest 00:05:10
8 FELIX GALAMIR: May I inject myself, my own personality into this discussion for a moment? 00:09:04
9 GUILLERMO FIGUEROA: Last year in the festival we had played a Bruckner symphony 00:08:07
10 KAHN: And there's one rather interesting contradiction that is perhaps worth mentioning 00:07:18
11 GALAMIR: Now Casals is a very strong personality 00:02:57
12 KAHN: It was Sir Francis Bacon who said that there is no beauty which hath not some imperfection in its being 00:07:30
13 GALAMIR: I also think that basically Casals is a very simple person 00:04:58
14 KAHN: If I were asked to sum up Don Pablo's credo, I think I would quote some words of his own rather than try to paraphrase what he said 00:03:49
15 HARRY MANNIS: Casals - A Portrait for Radio 00:01:36

Disc 2

Stokowski - A Portrait for Radio- 00:58:36
1 GLENN GOULD: This is Glenn Gould and this programme is about Leopold Stokowski 00:05:34
2 LEOPOLD STOKOWSKI: Think of our solar system. Its colossal size 00:07:07
3 STOKOWSKI: Although I am interested in everything in the universe, what I really deeply understand is the symphonic world 00:03:55
4 STOKOWSKI: First of all, it's our privilege and our necessity to try to realize what was in the soul of the composer... 00:04:06
5 STOKOWSKI: If I had to perform the music of, say, Mozart or Shostakovich or Debussy: they all have their own world 00:03:08
6 STOKOWSKI: I think that Ives had that freedom 00:03:07
7 STOKOWSKI: We must give our education of music and of philosophy and of everything connected with human life, subtlety 00:02:31
8 STOKOWSKI: It can all be expressed in one word, and that one word is 'freedom' 00:03:22
9 STOKOWSKI: But has the Russian artist been divorced from the West? 00:05:02
10 STOKOWSKI: It is remarkable that one can stay in the home and hear music from all over the world 00:07:08
11 STOKOWSKI: In Holland, about 20 years ago, I was conducting the Concertgebouw Orchestra 00:05:10
12 STOKOWSKI: I find that every day come new possibilities and new ideas and they must not be ignored 00:02:52
13 STOKOWSKI: It is quite possible that the so-called 'cave man' had such ideas too 00:04:46
14 HARRY MANNIS: Stokowski - A Portrait for Radio 00:00:48