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JANACEK: Cunning Little Vixen (The) (Sung in English)

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Track Details

Disc 1

The Cunning Little Vixen, JW I/9 (Sung in English)- 01:28:19
1 Act I: Prelude 00:03:02
2 Act I: There will be a storm soon (Forester) 00:01:38
3 Act I: Oh my, oh my, what a titbit! (Cricket, Caterpillar, Mosquito, Frog) 00:01:24
4 Act I: Mummy! Mummy! What is that? (Vixen Cub, Forester) 00:01:36
5 Act I: Pantonmime 00:02:54
6 Act I Scene 2: Prelude 00:01:55
7 Act I: Well dog, how's life today? (Forester, Forester's Wife, Vixen, Dog) 00:03:46
8 Act I: Interlude (beginning) 00:01:45
9 Act I: Interlude (conclusion) 00:01:46
10 Act I: You should take a lesson from me (Dog, Rooster, Hens, Chief Hen) 00:03:08
11 Act I: Ko ko kodak! Ko ko kodak! (Vixen, Hens, Rooster, Chief Hen, Forester's Wife, Forester) 00:01:37
12 Act II: Prelude 00:00:57
13 Act II: Who`s making that noise there? (Vixen, Badger, Forest creatures) 00:01:43
14 Act II: Scene 2 Prelude 00:01:12
15 Act II: Yes, in my new parish things are bound to be better (Priest, Forester, Pasek) 00:06:14
16 Act II: Either my centre of gravity's shiftng (Schoolmaster, Priest, Forester) 00:06:20
17 Act II: Scene 3 Prelude 00:00:59
18 Act II: Goodness me, he's so handsome (Vixen, Fox) 00:04:45
19 Act II: At your service! Golden Mane (Vixen, Fox) 00:08:29
20 Act II: If you could see what I've just seen (Owl, Jay, Vixen, Fox, Forest creatures) 00:03:18

Disc 2

The Cunning Little Vixen, JW I/9 (Sung in English)- 01:28:19
1 Act III: Prelude 00:01:52
2 Act III: When I used to roam (Harasta, Forester) 00:04:54
3 Act III: Foxy runs to Horedin with a sack with tatties in (Fox, Cubs, Vixen) 00:01:43
4 Act III: How many children have we now? (Fox, Vixen, Harasta) 00:04:31
5 Act III: Adagio 00:01:05
6 Act III: Interlude 00:02:27
7 Act III: Where is old man Pasek? (Forester, Innkeeper's Wife, Schoolmaster) 00:04:44
8 Act III: Interlude 00:01:33
9 Act III: Didn't I say so! (Forester) 00:06:03
10 Act III: Conclusion (Frog) 00:00:59