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MOZART: Magic Flute (The), K. 620 (Sung in English)

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Track Details

Disc 1

Magic Flute, K. 620 (sung in English)- 02:38:07
1 Overture 00:06:46
2 Act I: Oh help me! (Tamino, 3 Ladies) 00:06:07
3 Act I: What happened? (dialogue) (Tamino) 00:00:27
4 Act I: Catching birds, that is my trade (Papageno) 00:02:47
5 Act I: Hey there! (dialogue) (Tamino, Papageno) 00:04:51
6 Act I: Oh Vision of enchanting grace! (Tamino) 00:03:47
7 Act I: Arm yourself… (3 Ladies, Tamino) 00:01:05
8 Act I: Have no fear, my noble youth! (Queen of the Night) 00:04:59
9 Act I: Hm! Hm! hm! (Papageno, Tamino) 00:06:32
10 Act I: Little dove, you're mine again (Papageno, Tamino, 3 Ladies) 00:01:50
11 Act I: What a fool I am…(dialogue) (Papageno, Pamina) 00:03:04
12 Act I: The man who feels…(Pamina, Papageno) 00:03:22
13 Act I: Thus far we've led you (3 Boys, Tamino) 00:01:53
14 Act I: Words of wisdom they confided (Tamino, Speaker, Chorus) 00:08:07
15 Act I: Strong and sweet thy magic tone (Tamino) 00:02:58
16 Act I: Walk on tiptoe! Hold your breath! (Pamina, Papageno) 00:01:07
17 Act I: Now you are caught once more! (Monostatos, Pamina, Papageno) 00:00:36
18 Act I: What tinkles so gaily? (Monostatos, Sarastro, Pamina, Papageno) 00:01:32
19 Act I: All hail to Sarastro (Chorus, Papageno, Pamina) 00:01:50
20 Act I: Lord, I confess my crime to you (Pamina, Sarastro) 00:03:00
21 Act I: Young princeling, step this away (Monostratos, Pamina, Tamino, Sarastro, Chorus) 00:02:13
22 Act I: When virtue and righteousness (Chorus) 00:01:14
23 Act II: March of the Priests 00:03:00
24 Act II: Initiates of the Temple (dialogue) (Sarastro, 1st Priest, 2nd Priest) 00:03:22
25 Act II: O Isis and Osiris (Sarastro, 1st Priest, 2nd Priest) 00:02:56
27 Act II: Beware the web (2nd Priest, Speaker, Papageno) 00:01:18
32 Act II: You will avenge me, daughter (Queen of the Night) 00:02:59
33 Act II: What shall I do now? (dialogue) (Pamina, Monostratos, Sarastro) 00:01:22
38 Act II: Ah, I feel my life is over! (Pamina) 00:04:02

Disc 2

Magic Flute, K. 620 (sung in English)- 02:38:07
1 Act II: Are you still with me? (dialogue) (Tamino, Papageno, 1st Priest, 2nd Priest) 00:02:42
3 Act II: Why? Why? Why? (3 Ladies, Papageno, Tamino) 00:03:02
4 Act II: Young man! (dialogue) (1st Priest, 2nd Priest, Papageno, Monostratos) 00:01:20
5 Act II: All men know that love's a fever (Monostratos) 00:01:19
6 Act II: Stand back! (dialogue) (Queen of the Night, Pamina) 00:01:12
9 Act II: Within our holy temple (Sarastro) 00:04:08
10 Act II: You two will be left (dialogue) (1st Priest, 2nd Priest, Papageno, Old Woman) 00:02:53
11 Act II: For the second time we meet you (3 Boys) 00:01:42
12 Act II: Going to have dinner? (dialogue) (Pamina, Papageno) 00:01:50
14 Act II: You see, Tamino (dialogue) (Papageno) 00:00:53
15 Act II: O Isis and Osiris (Chorus) 00:02:53
16 Act II: Your conduct (dialogue) (Sarastro, Pamina, Tamino) 00:00:51
17 Act II: And shall we never meet again (Pamina, Sarastro, Tamino) 00:03:49
18 Act II: Tamino! Tamino! (dialogue) (Papageno, 2nd Priest) 00:01:18
19 Act II: O maiden, come to join me (Papageno) 00:03:51
20 Act II: Here I am,. My angel! (dialogue) (Old Woman, Papageno, 2nd Priest, Papagena) 00:03:51
21 Act II: Bright dawn (3 Boys) 00:02:04
22 Act II: I am your bride, beloved knife (Pamina, 3 Boys) 00:04:14
23 Act II: Each man who treads (2 Armed Men, Tamino, Pamina) 00:04:39
24 Act II: Tamino mine! Joy fills my heart! (Pamina, Tamino, 2 Armed Men) 00:03:54
25 Act II: We wandered through the fire (Pamina, Tamino, Chorus) 00:03:37
26 Act II: Papagena! Papagena! Papagena! (Papageno) 00:04:07
27 Act II: Oh, Papageno, play the man! (3 Boys, Papageno) 00:01:35
28 Act II: Pa-pa-gena! Pa-pa-geno! (Papageno, Papagena) 00:02:24
29 Act II: We must be silent, silent, silent (Monostratos, Queen of the Night, 3 Ladies, Sarastro, Chorus) 00:04:53