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WARD, R.: Crucible (The) [Opera]

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Track Details

Disc 1

The Crucible- 01:49:25
1 Act I: Beginning: My Betty be hearty soon? (Tituba, Parris, Abigail, Ann, Thomas, Rebecca, Giles) 00:09:46
2 Act I: Gently, sirs, gently. (Rebecca, Thomas, John, Giles, Francis, Parris, Putnams) 00:07:24
3 Act I: Jesus my consolation, Thee do I worship. (Abigail, Parris, Thomas, Ann, Francis, Rebecca, Hale) 00:02:15
4 Act I: For much in the world seems Devil's work (Hale, Parris, Ann, Rebecca, Tituba, Abigail, Francis, Thomas) 00:06:59
5 Act I: Oh, how many times, Mr. Parris, the Devil bid me kill you! (Tituba, Ann, Hale) 00:03:02
6 Act I: Jesus my consolation, Thee do I worship, Thee do I trust (Abigail) 00:01:42
7 Act II: Beginning: What keeps you so late? (Elizabeth, John) 00:05:52
8 Act II: I've forgotten Abigail, do you understand? (John, Elizabeth) 00:02:51
9 Act II: But ah the dreams I had for our proud young love, a love that would never turn or falter. (Elizabeth, Mary, John) 00:05:22
10 Act II: He will. He sentenced her… but not Sarah Good - for Sarah Good confessed that she compacted with the Devil (Mary, John, Elizabeth, Hale, Cheever) 00:09:05
11 Act II: You will go to that court with me. (John, Mary) 00:03:54

Disc 2

The Crucible- 01:49:25
1 Act III: Beginning: John, John, I knew you'd come back to me. (Abigail, John) 00:05:41
2 Act III: In the Courtroom: Hear ye, hear ye! (Cheever) 00:01:23
3 Act III: Open Thou my lips, O Lord (Danforth, Cheever, Thomas, Giles, Parris) 00:05:55
4 Act III: She comes to tell you this: these girls never saw a spirit (John, Parris, Thomas, Danforth, Mary, Abigail, Elizabeth, Girls) 00:09:06
5 Act III: No, no, it is a natural lie to tell. (Hale, Danforth, Abigail, Mary, John, Girls, Ann, Parris, Thomas, Francis) 00:04:13
6 Act IV: Beginning: The Devil say he's coming, to set his people free (Tituba, Cheever, Abigail) 00:06:59
7 Act IV: But sir, you stir rebellion. (Hale, Danforth, Parris, Cheever, Elizabeth) 00:05:08
8 Act IV: What word of the children? (John, Elizabeth, Hale, Parris, Thomas, Danforth, Rebecca) 00:07:17
9 Act IV: God does not need my name nailed up on the church door. (John, Danforth, Hale, Parris, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Chorus of Villagers) 00:05:31