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HERMAN, J.: Hello, Dolly (1994 Broadway Revival Cast) (Stella)

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Track Details

Hello, Dolly!- 00:51:24
1 Overture 00:03:44
2 Act I: I Put My Hand In (Dolly and Company) 00:04:25
3 Act I: It Takes A Woman (Vandergelder, Chorus) 00:02:37
4 Act I: Put On Your Sunday Clothes (Cornelius, Barnaby, Dolly, Ambrose, Ermengarde, Chorus) 00:05:01
5 Act I: Ribbons Down My Back (Mrs. Molloy) 00:02:38
6 Act I: Motherhood (Dolly, Vandergleder, Mrs. Molloy, Minnie Fay, Cornelius, Barnaby) 00:01:49
7 Act I: Dancing (Dolly, Cornelius, Barnaby, Minnie Fay, Mrs. Molloy, Chorus) 00:07:37
8 Act I: Before The Parade Passes By (Dolly, Vandergelder, Company) 00:04:36
9 Act II: Elegance (Mrs. Molloy, Cornelius, Minnie Fay, Barnaby) 00:02:22
10 Act II: The Waiter's Gallop (Rudolph, Chorus) 00:03:27
11 Act II: Hello, Dolly! (Dolly, Rudolph, Chorus) 00:01:35
12 Act II: It Only Takes A Moment (Cornelius, Mrs. Molloy, Chorus) 00:03:51
13 Act II: So Long Dearie (Dolly) 00:03:08
14 Act II: Hello, Dolly! (reprise) (Dolly, Vandergelder) 00:01:35
15 Act II: Finale (Company) 00:02:59