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MOZART, W.A.: Zauberflote (Die) [Sung in English] [Opera] (Walter) (1956)

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Track Details

Disc 1

Die Zauberflote (The Magic Flute), K. 620 (Sung in English)- 02:37:36
1 Overture 00:07:07
2 Act I: O help me, protect me 00:03:21
3 Act I: I am to go? 00:03:20
4 Act I: Dialogue: Where am I? 00:00:09
5 Act I: I am a man of wide-spread fame 00:02:34
6 Act I: Dialogue: Hey, there! 00:02:47
7 Act I: O image angel-like and fair! 00:03:57
8 Act I: Dialogue: ye gods! What is that? 00:00:16
9 Act I: Oh tremble not 00:05:05
10 Act I: Dialogue: Was it really I saw? 00:00:05
11 Act I: Hm! hm! hm! 00:07:13
12 Act I: Dialogue: Ha! ha! ha! - Why this laughter? 00:01:04
13 Act I: My dainty lambkin, enter, please! 00:01:51
14 Act I: Dialogue: Mother! Mother! 00:03:12
15 Act I: The man who feels sweet love's emotion 00:03:21
16 Act I: The journey's end you soon will reach 00:01:56
17 Act I: These words of wisdom truly spoken 00:02:08
18 Act I: What are you, Stranger, seeking for? 00:06:25
19 Act I: How strong your tone with magic spell 00:03:12
20 Act I: Nothing ventured, nothing won! 00:04:02
21 Act I: We praise thee, Sarastro 00:01:00
22 Act I: Lord, my offense is all too plain 00:03:24
23 Act I: My proud young friend, come here right 00:02:19
24 Act I: Let virtue and integrity 00:01:20
25 Act II: March of the Priest 00:02:13
26 Act II: Dialogue: Consecrated servants of the great god's 00:02:21
27 Act II: O Isis and Osiris, arm them with strength (Sarastro, Priests) 00:03:44

Disc 2

Die Zauberflote (The Magic Flute), K. 620 (Sung in English)- 02:37:36
1 Act II: Dialogue: Strangers, what do you seek from us? 00:02:17
2 Act II: Beware of woman's crafty scheming 00:00:59
3 Act II: Dialogue: Hey! Lights! Lights! 00:00:14
4 Act II: Ye? Ye? Ye? 00:03:09
5 Act II: Fanfare: Dialogue: hail to thee, Prince! 00:02:27
6 Act II: All the world is full of lovers 00:01:21
7 Act II: Dialogue: Away with you! 00:00:17
8 Act II: The wrath of hell within my breast I cherish 00:03:09
9 Act II: Dialogue: I shall murder? 00:00:57
10 Act II: Within these holy portals 00:05:07
11 Act II: Dialogue: Again we leave you 00:03:07
12 Act II: Once more we near this temple's border 00:01:47
13 Act II: Dialogue: Tamino, shall we not have something to eat? 00:01:15
14 Act II: Ah, I feel, to grief and sadness 00:04:23
15 Act II: O Isis and Osiris 00:03:09
16 Act II: Dialogue: Where am I? Where is Tamino? 00:00:15
17 Act II: So must we two forever part? 00:04:07
18 Act II: Dialogue: Tamino! Tamino! Are you leaving me all alone? 00:02:06
19 Act II: A sweetheart or a maiden 00:04:12
20 Act II: Dialogue: So you took pity on me then? 00:02:06
21 Act II: Soon spends the morning light proclaiming 00:02:24
22 Act II: So only you remain to me? 00:04:14
23 Act II: Man, wandering on his road, must bear the tribulation 00:05:03
24 Act II: Tamino Mine! Oh, happy fate! 00:03:16
25 Act II: March: The fire's flames we have transcended 00:03:45
26 Act II: Papagena! Papagena! Papagena! (Papageno, Three Boys) 00:05:12
27 Act II: Pa-pa-ge-na! - Pa-pa-ge-no! (Papageno, Papagena) 00:02:35
28 Act II: Now stilly, stilly, stilly, stilly 00:02:10
29 Act II: The sun's radiant glory has vanquished the night 00:00:37
30 Act II: Hail to thee, great Isis 00:02:30