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Naxos Music Library  

  Value for money
  From the very beginning, Naxos has stood for a combination of first-class performances and recorded sound at an affordable price. The Naxos Music Library Jazz offers the same outstanding value-for-money proposition.
  Online content saves time, money and space
  With the Naxos Music Library Jazz, no lost or damaged CDs need ever to be replaced. No more worries about lack of shelf space. Multiple copies are no longer required.
  On-site and remote access
  Students, teaching staff and other users can log in and listen in the library, lecture room, dorm, office or at home.
  Vast range of content
  Teaching staff can plan their courses around a wide range of music.
  Multiple, simultaneous access
  Multiple users can simultaneously listen to the same content or different contents at the same time. The Naxos Music Library Jazz is available around the clock for unlimited simultaneous access.
  In-copyright musical works
  Naxos has valid licences with all international public-performance societies allowing Naxos to stream in-copyright musical works.
  Flexible fee structure
  The fee structure is based on the number of simultaneous users, with a minimum of only five users for universities, music colleges and public libraries, and three for schools.
  Simple set up
  Set-up is simple and easy. For educational institutions, Naxos will create a dedicated URL with IP authentication for each institution. Separate login usernames and passwords will also be available for professors / teaching staff and library administrators. Access by Referral URL is also available.
  Naxos, a name you can trust
  Naxos has been a leader in classical music since 1987. You can therefore be confident that Naxos will be your partner in digital music for many years to come.

Naxos Historical, Nostalgia, and Jazz Legends recordings are not available in the United States due to the uncertain legal situation regarding pre-1972 sound recordings.
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