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Naxos Music Library  

“The Pizzetti is gorgeous. Thank you for introducing me to this composer.”

- Paul Swartz

“You are a great company and your artistic values and service are second to none.”

- Julian Pike, United Kingdom

“What a GREAT GIFT to have EMI Classics available on Naxos Music Library.”

- Ronald DeYoung, United States

“Thank You for such a great service!”

- Christopher Dobey

“Thanks for this recording, Altenberg Trio from Vienna doing American trios. The Ives is excellent!”


“Just wanted to say how excellent your streaming service is. I'm studying for an MMus in music composition for TV and Film at present and having access to such a range of classical, jazz and soundtrack music is a real help.”

- Rob Dimery

“You're doing great!”

- Richard Moores, Washington, United States

“This site is a fabulous resource for musicians, teachers and students at UVic. I am hoping to be able to use it for years to come.”

- Alex Olson, University of Victoria, Canada

“Bravo, I listen with immense pleasure…”

- Jacques Boillat, France

“Thank you so much for this website! I am preparing my 48 Gr. 3 children for a field trip to attend the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra’s educational program, “Music Around the World” and I find the listening library to be a valuable gem. The children absolutely love to listen to the music and it has become so much more accessible via this vehicle.”

- Sharon Bolink, B.Ed., Calgary Christian School, Canada

“Just a quick message to say how much I appreciate the Naxos service and the facility to hear any of your half a million discs. It has widened my horizon in music in a way I would not have thought possible two years ago. Keep up the fantastic service and Thank You!”

- Guy Leach

“Thank you Ms. Saquing – you have been so helpful and I was able to access the wonderful music! Please feel free to forward my note of thanks and commendation for your excellent customer service help to your supervisor – when people provide such wonderful service, it is noteworthy.”

- Tom Kaufmann

“Your site is simply fantastic! Thanks for all of the work you put into it.”

- Andrew Dunning, University of Toronto, Canada

“My first visit to an inspiring site. I will use it often. Well done to all concerned!”

- Terry McGovern, United Kingdom

“Just discovered the Naxos Library and I'll be never wanting for interesting music! Spent the night with Philip Glass, then Sufi music from Turkey and Pakistan with a bit of Piazolla thrown in. Thanks for that!”

- Annamaria Magnus, Australia

“Thanks for this great web site, I have always loved some of the more popular classical music but now thanks to these resources I'm able to start understanding and appreciating it more and I am now widening my listening pleasure.”

- Ray Bruning, New Zealand

“This is a fantastic facility to have. I love it.”

- Nicholas van der Westhuizen, Canada

“Aladdin’s Cave has been found! In my home office or on my exercise bike I dip, serendipitously, into this treasure trove of the classics to find old friends and make new acquaintances. What an absolute delight to have access to the Naxos Music Library through my subscription to WASO. Thank you so much.”

- Lesley R. McKay, West Australian Symphony Orchestra

“I cannot praise this classical library too highly, educational, inspirational, and free. What more could you ask. So far this has always been something new and interesting featured on the front page, so I rarely get to look at other sections. Keep up the good work. Thank you again.”

- Terry McGovern, United Kingdom

“I listen to NML daily and hear music I didn't know existed and many different recordings of familiar music. For instance, at this moment I am listening to the recording of Bach's cello suites because I am trying to find the one that suits my taste best so I can buy it and play it always. Aside from that, NML has introduced me to such a lot of fine 21st century music. I could never afford to buy these CDs, nor would I be likely to buy a CD of contemporary music by a composer I have never encountered. NML allows me to hear that music. In this way NML broadens my range of experience. I listen to NML through a subscription taken out by my local library. In the past the library used to CDs but as current budgetary restrictions prevent the library form continuing, the library has opted to subscribe to NML. As a result, people in this relatively isolated place have access to a great representation of the world's best music. So, in short, thank you.”

- James Arthur

“I love Naxos!!!!”

- Patti Crossman, Community College of Baltimore County, US

“Everything I’m looking for!”

- Patti Crossman, Community College of Baltimore County, US

“Thank you—it’s great to have access to music this way!”

- Patti Crossman, Community College of Baltimore County, US

“Great service, thanks!”


“How incredible is this collection?! To be able to hear and play all of this music!! Brilliant. Thank you Naxos Music Library!”

- Charles Edgar

“I have just done a 15 minute preview of your Naxos Music Library site. I was impressed by the well-organised information available and the amount of detail available although I did not have time to investigate the latter thoroughly. Therefore, I may well be interested in signing up to use your website more regularly.”

- Dr. Alan Freestone, United Kingdom

“I have access to NML through my subscription to the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. It was an unexpected and well appreciated side benefit to the subscription. Thanks for such a great library.”

- Roy Fernley

“It's just great to listen to Naxos music library as a custumer of Lahti Library. Thank you so much for all you do!”

- Hans Hasler, Lahti, Finland

“LOVE IT!!!! So do the students.”

- Carol Christofferson, Pima Community College, Tucson, Arizona

“I have a fairly large collection of CDs, and the vast majority consists of Naxos and Marco Polo labels. In my opinion, Naxos has become the leading label in classical music for the quality of its production as well as the range of composers it covers. I wish you all the success you deserve!”

- Jean-Pierre Lepage

“Just to say thank you for this wonderful treasure house of amazing music. I really appreciate being able to listen to so many old favourites and to sample and come to love new pieces on the computer when I'm working at home.”

- Sharon Lambert

“I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your service. I’m discovering a whole universe of beautiful music and enjoying every minute of it. Thank you for hard work in bringing this universe to us at McGill University.”

- Philipp Raecke

“It is absolutely a delight to have access to this site through the Public Library as I am writing my Thesis for my Master Degree in Expressive Arts.”

- Claudette Perron

“What an unexpected pleasure to have access to so many different labels! Thank you so much for making this possible and please keep adding more labels. I enjoyed West Hill Radio Archives and am on my way to purchasing these recordings.”

- Greg Philip

“Thank you for this. You have been doing a fantastic job over the years. Your recording of Hoffman cello concertos is sublime. I will check out your site from time to time looking for 18th century concerto.”

- Rogier Scheffer

“A valuable benefit to subscribers of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra concerts. Please continue to offer and promote it.”

- Terry Lilly

“Thank you very much! The NML is one of the greatest things ever made on the web, congratulations.”

- Gilles Quentel

“BRAVO BRAVISSIMO! I honestly can't believe I have waited this long to subscribe to the Naxos Music Library. What a feast! I simply don't know where to begin. Thank you so much for such an amazing service and such an amazing price!”

- Kevin Sutton, Dallas, Texas

“Truly great site and wonderful to be able to use via Surrey Libraries. Cesaria Evora from Cap Verde would be a good addition, heard her a lot in France.”

- Kate, Surrey Libraries

“I would like to express my immense appreciation of the Naxos Music Library. It is truly an inspired idea and an important contribution to carrying forward our great musical cultural heritage. I find it an amazing resource for exploring my great love which is classical music and the wide variety of both contemporary and historic performances.”

- Chris Gaal

“I can’t think of any day without using NML. Thank you for providing this wonderful service.”

- Prof. Young-Han Hur, Music History Department of the Korean National University of Arts

“I have access to your marvelous website as a law student with the Open University and I must say it really does help the studying along being able to listen to the beautiful music you have made available.”

- John Tetlow, United Kingdom

“Just a quick note to express how much I'm enjoying NML! The depth and breadth of the selections and the sound quality are all outstanding. What makes the product even more exciting for me are the ways NML helps me enjoy and appreciate the music. Having PDF's of the CD booklets provides a huge amount of value by providing insight and background on the composers and performers. Having indices of performers and composers makes discovery and delving deeper a true joy.

Thanks for a great product, and please keep innovating and adding features to allow for the deep exploration and appreciation of music.”

- Tyler Steben

“Thank you for all the pleasure you have given me, and thank you for adding EMI Classics to your labels! I don't even bother with my CDs any more. I just visit NML! Your other labels are terrific, too... but I just noticed EMI and let out a scream of pure delight. I can visit many of my old favorites now.

I'm also thrilled that you've rescued the Vox catalog. And Northern Flowers is a big treat. I still purchase CDs, but I will NEVER want to be without NML.

I could go on and on, but you probably know it all! Thank you, thank you.”

- Mimi Ezust

“This is just remarkable. I had no idea this was coming as I have an enormous opera and "classical collection" on every known and hundreds of not well known composers.

I enjoyed "Allein" from the Mitropoulos, 1950 Elektra to Philip Glass's Heroes, Marin Alsop just to test how it all works. It's so simple. What a revelation! This is remarkable!

Many, many thanks.”

- Peter De Vita, Toronto, Canada

“Thank you so much for the access to this amazing collection! Thumbs up and five stars.”

- Penny Siganou

“I would like to thank Naxos for the great Miklos Rozsa cd collection which you have in your present cataloque. I have bought all your recordings of this composer and are the best I have in my collection of his concert works, better then the KOCH in both performance and interpretation.The recordings also show off my Bang and Olufsen system.

I hope that you might in the future be tempted to record Dr Rozsa's String Quartet's 1-2.

Thank you NAXOS for a great collection and service.”

- Ronald Curry

“Just discovered Naxos and absolutely love it!  I know I'll spend hours exploring the Naxos library!”

- William Hopper, United States

“Thank you for having this online service! It's a God-send!”

- David Occhipinti, Canada

“Wonderful resource for teachers!  This is the first year our university library has had the Naxos Music Library, and I’m using it more and more often.  So glad we have it available!!  Thank you, Naxos! ”

- Linda Owen, University of Central Oklahoma, United States

“Thank you for making all this wonderful music available!”

- Vivienne Montague, Canada

“This is a wonderful resource! I have been a student with Strathclyde for five years now and it’s only today I discovered we had this resource.”

- Margherita Muller

“I like NML, and hear it on PC at home both on my android mobile when I work in hospital. Many thanks for your music library. It is great. Best wishes!”

- Milos Lapacek,Czech Republic

“I looked at the list of Grammy winners and I won't have to buy a lot of them!  Good going on the quality of the recordings and the companies you've signed up to be part of Naxos Music Library.”

- Pam Enrici, University of Minnesota, Duluth, United States

“Over the last decade or so, Naxos CDs have guided me to musical treasures I otherwise would almost certainly never have experienced. NML takes that to a whole new level. NML is a stunning offering; one delight after another. And it’s not just the music but the information. I just noticed, for instance, how NML allows you to view a composer’s works chronologically. I am overwhelmed. Naxos, you have much, much to be proud of. A magnificent accomplishment. Thank you.”

- William Wood, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States

“I would like to express my sincere thanks for the wonderful service you are providing for students and teachers with your online library.  This has truly inspired students not only to engage in course-related listening, but to explore on their own and discover amazing music.”

- Alain McCann, LCVI High School, Canada

“This is the most wonderful site; I found it through my local library and have, for the first time, been able to wander amongst the world's music, discovering all sorts of things I could never otherwise afford.”

- Cathy, Cornwall, United Kingdom

“This is a great site.  Love the Greek Music selection.”

- Argie Vassilaros, United States

“Because I am going to be 72, I can remember Andres Segovia and his music since I was much younger. I think his music is alive in my heart and thank you for bringing such a good time in my life again. I cannot afford to buy music as a pensioner, but listening what you have in your site brings life to this old heart again remembering my land.”

- Hernando Esquivel, Australia

“I just learned how to access the Naxos Music Library through my local library’s website, it is AMAZING! Thanks so much for this great service!”

- Bob Tonucci, United States

“A wonderful resource, most helpful in researching music to play and learning parts, both orchestral and chamber.”

- Chris Sanctuary, United Kingdom

“I'm a visually impaired (and have other disablements) student and, without your resource, I wouldn't have been able to do most of my assignments and exams. Even if I don't get my degree or even a diploma, THANK YOU!”

- A. Joyce, United States

“This is a wonderful library of classical music, and I am thrilled to have discovered it in my University link. Thank you very much for making it available to us.”

- Junia Melo, Australia

“Wonderful collections of CD.”

- Constantin Zanidache, Cork School of Music, Ireland

“It continually proves to be an invaluable resource and a wonderful treasury of little-known works.  In my career, both as a performer and as an administrator, I find that it frequently saves the day and provides inspiration.”

- Jason Pyszkowski, United States

“Thank you very much for creating this very useful NML app. I love everything about it. Being able to instantly play an obscure piece during a night time hike is awesome.”

- Guillaume Rischard, Luxembourg

“I work in a window-less office. I cannot adequately express how much your service brightens and enriches my work day! Thank you!”

- Laura Agapay, Canada

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Naxos Historical, Nostalgia, and Jazz Legends recordings are not available in the United States due to the uncertain legal situation regarding pre-1972 sound recordings.
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